The Jake Paul Problem: from the Perspective of a ‘White boy’

I was not aware of what Jake nor Logan Paul had become after Vine. Had it not been for Ethan and Hila of H3h3productions I possibly would have never taken notice. From what I have seen the ‘success’ that both brother’s have achieved has gone right to their heads.

Given that I come from a middle class family, I find it very interesting that YouTubers and Vine stars could/can rise from average people to have net worths of 1 million plus dollars and a massive fan base. I saw people like Logan Paul and his brother rise up and develop their fans. For a while I enjoyed watching Logan Paul’s Vines, because he used to have to try. Now, as do many big YouTubers, Pewdiepie included, they do very little and gain millions of views due to massive amount of subscribers. That level of trying is now gone, as is the comedy of the Paul brothers.

Jake Paul is an insult to poetry and rap music. His song, Every Day Bro, is evidence of where he, and many other YouTubers, are sitting. Little effort, no talent, massive fan base, getting a lot of money for doing very little. Added to this is the horrible behavior Jake displays online for his fans; like how he treats his neighbors, claiming they tried to kill him and his housemates.

Coming from a state where possibly the only successful white rapper came from, Eminem, it is an insult to humanity that Jake Paul created his rapping persona. Given, if he tried harder, and worked on his behavior, he could be a successful singer. Yet, I doubt he would devote the time into that because his status is little effort, major rewards.

Jake Paul is only a couple weeks older than me, and his behavior exemplifies that of a thirteen-year-old. Someone who just popped a boner and is trying to shove it into every crevasse he sees. The way he acts online, and for news reporters, is showing a bad influence for children. Given on that subject, one only has to take a look at Jake’s channel to determine that for themselves. It would not be appropriate for me, of the same age as him, younger even by a few weeks, to act in the way that he does.