Bigotry Correctness Speaks:

Voices of Regressive-Destructive Bigots in America

(Fictional Statements Below) Should this material be placed in all American history books? Please inform the Texas Board of Education TextBook Selection Committee with your response. Take your first steps.

Searching For Who Is Next? Are You Next! (Part One)

“Muslims are horrible people and should just disappear!” “Opinion: What did their ancestors do for the world? Like today, they couldn’t read and they knew nothing about math, medicine, the stars, nor history. They are all the same, look the same, speak the same, and all Arabs represent their largest group on earth. They are one big family.”

“Mexicans don’t belong in America. Their history has nothing to do with America and don’t deserve to live here.” “Mexico would not exist if it weren’t for Americans.” “Americans discovered Mexico and all of the other Americas.”

“Black people don’t belong in America and they have done nothing to help this country grow. Their heritage is false. Some people even tell me if you rub their skin the color comes off.”

“Italians are a failed people! They are like the French and Germans, didn’t you know?”

“Irish people made history’s and today’s perfect serfs.”

“Who needs Canada and Canadians? They are all like the Scots who settled in Bedek.” “We need a great WALL between America-Alaska and those Canadians. Then we could push all our Indians into Canada for safe keeping.”

“Oh yes, those Norwegians! Have you ever tried to eat that offal stuff they call fish? It is as bad as tripe, if not worse. Who let those people into America, anyway? They know nothing about boats, sailing and absolutely nothing about fishing in the ocean. What they do know they learned from the movies. Hollywood created that whole thing about Vikings or whatever! Odin, Thor, and the rest came from comic books. We need to correct the history books with who really created those stories called something like The Sagas. Those stories were about America in the 1600’s, when the Mayflower landed in Florida.”

“Don’t let me forget, those Chinese people too! You know those Asian types. They didn’t start coming to America until 1965, when we felt sorry for all those starving children. The Japanese came later, of course.”

There are many more of “those other people” worth commenting on in the future.


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