Big Data Boot Camp — Workshops by Bigstep, MapR and Couchbase

— Join us for a hands-on experience with the hottest big data technologies to date!

Bigstep Workshop: Building a Data Lake in the Cloud

The session will focus on all the important challenges that come up when Building a Data Lake for Big Data Analytics in the Cloud.

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MapR Workshop: MapR Essentials

Data Ingestion and Storage

Discover how to load data into MapR using native capabilities and industry standards-based interfaces. We will demonstrate how data goes from the client to being persisted in MapR-FS. We will describe the various ecosystem components such as Flume, Sqoop and Kafka. This presentation will walk you through the whole bulk loading process.

You Will Learn

  • Distributed Architecture
  • “What is a cluster” & why it is important
  • MultiDC
  • From Batch to Real-time
  • Batch: Sqoop, File Copy
  • Real-time: NFS/Posix, Kafka/MapR Streams
  • Data Store and Preparation
  • File System: MapR-FS and/vs HDFS
  • NoSQL in Big Data: MapR-DB (JSON/Binary)
  • Indexing: Elastic Integration

Geared To:
Architects, developers, anyone interested in MapR Hadoop.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis (Spark Streaming)

The performance of MapR technology makes it possible to analyse all of the data, make decisions in real time, and store the massive amounts of real-time data for further analysis.

You Will Learn

  • Spark Introduction
  • Architecture to handle streaming data
  • Processing for transformation and analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis

Geared To:
Architects, developers, data scientists, anyone interested in Spark.

Data Exploration Through Apache Drill

Data discovery and exploration across rapidly shifting technologies and multiple data silos to uncover opportunities and help answer questions in ANSI-SQL to deliver real business value.

You Will Learn

  • Introduction Drill MPP
  • Schema on Fly
  • Data Transformations and ETL in action using Apache Drill.

Geared To:
Architects, developers, data analysts, anyone interested in Drill.

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Couchbase Workshop

Real-time big data and analytical insights

  • How a memory-first Couchbase NoSQL database integrates access to real-time big data and analytical insights.

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