The rise of the emoji: communication in the smartphone era

Anne Morgan
Jun 7, 2018 · 7 min read

What is an emoji?

So, when was the emoji invented?

Emoji is not a language — it is a form of communication

Social Media platforms and emojis

Lost in translation

Emoji has even made it into the dictionary!

A documentary sums up our obsession with emojis

Emoji in popular culture

Emoji have developed past their original purpose

Brands using emojis

Tinder and interracial couple emojis

Unicode finalises list of new emoji making their way to your iPhone and Android smartphone in 2018

The future of emojis

Anne Morgan

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Putting Shout on the map. Freelance Virtual PA, Copywriter, Squarespace designer & Founder of Bijou Concierge, Mutt & Pooch + Wuuf & Bark.

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