2017 Dialogue-Writing Challenge: Day 7
Scott Myers

Scene 6

Int. Office Breakout Area — Morning

Aaron (50s), in a crisp white shirt and blue tie, is at the coffee machine getting his morning fill. As he grabs his cuppa, he is distracted by some mumbling noise behind him.

He turns to find Jeremy(35), wearing sunglasses and just about there formals, fiddling for something in the shelf drawer.

Good Morning. Are you alright?

Jeremy turns his attention to the voice.

Dude. Duuuuude. What are you doing here?

Aaron taken aback by the casualness of his talk.

I am here to do what we all are supposed to do. Work?!

Jeremy steps closer. The ground beneath him doesn’t seem steady. Nudges his black glasses up his nasal bridge.

Dude… DUDE… you don’t remember do you?

Aaron twitches his nose as the liquor stink gets to him.

God you are… drunk!

Jeremy looks at him for a beat then smiles.

I got bigger news for you pal. You have… resigned. Now how about THAT?

Aaron (amused)
Have I?

Yes you have dude. And you know what??

He gives his full effort to turn and glance around to make sure no one is close by.

Jeremy (whispering) (Contd.)
Fuck him!

Excuse me?

Yes fuck that new project manager. He don’t know his bean from his barley dude.

Oh. Is that so?

It IS. I am telling you. I am going to teach that ..that.. (fumbles for words)..you know… a lesson.

Aaron crosses his arms.

How so?

I am gonna come along with YOU dude. I am SO done here.

I bet you are. First let us get you to your workstation.

Lending him support, Aaron walks Jeremy past the breakout area, down the hallway and into a corner cabin. Shuts the door behind them.

The name plate on the door reads — Jeremy Dawson, Project Manager.


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