2017 Dialogue-Writing Challenge: Day 8
Scott Myers

Scene 7

Int. Aruba Fine Dining Restaurant — Evening

Filled with the sweet nothings of dating couples, the place is drowning in romance. Laura (21) walks in holding hands with Katy(25), both beautifully dressed. The service manager escorts them to their table.

This place is beautiful. Hope the food is at least half good.

I am sure it is as good babes. My brother recommended this and he knows his food.

Just then the waiter steps in.

Waiter (Alex)
Welcome to Aruba ladies. Can I get any drinks to start the evening with?

His eyes meet Katy’s.

Katy breaks her gaze and goes for the menu.

The waiter tilts his head to get a better look.

Alex (contd.)
Katy? Wow. You look.. different.

Katy’s face does become different than it was a few seconds ago.

Hi… Alex.

Laura senses her change in demeanour. She gives her a questioning look.

Katy (contd.)
It’s a… friend.

Alex is taken aback for a moment but his excitement on seeing her comes back to the fore.

Wow. This is… wow.

He looks over to Laura.

I see you made a new friend.


Yes of course.

Laura takes Katy’s hand in hers and goes cherry red blushing. Alex’s eyes go wide and mouth goes dry.

Takes a beat to recover.

Katy whe… when did you turn lesbian??

Alex —

Laura pulls her hand back.

 — What do you mean ‘turn’ lesbian?

Is this why you left me?

Before Katy could answer…

Left you? What do you mean she ‘left’ you?

Alex (to Laura)
She was my girlfriend!

Katy drops her face in her hands.

Laura (to Katy)
You told me your ex was Rosie.

Alex reacts in alarm.

Alex (to Laura)
That was her room mate! (To Katy) Is that why you never allowed me to visit you? You said Rosie was a witch!

Katy bites her lips. She knows she can’t escape this one. Just then…

She is! And that is how she turned me… using black magic.

She looks at their stunned faces and then immediately starts sobbing, using the napkin to hide her face. Alex and Laura looks at each other. They feel bad.

What are the chances ha?

Yeah. But I don’t mind really.

Yeah. I think I am good too. At least she didn’t leave me for another man!

Laura nods approvingly.

I will get you two love birds a Mojito. On the house.

He leaves. Laura takes Katy’s hand back into hers with an all forgiving smile.

Katy sighs, returns the smile and pats herself under the table on having pulled it off from the brink!


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