Bikal Technologies participated in a Digital Leadership Forum Uzbekistan 2023 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan held by the Ministry Of Digital Technologies Of The Republic Of Uzbekistan and IT Park Uzbekistan.

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3 min readJul 10, 2023

The participation will result in faster tech transfer, opening up doors for potential collaboration between businesses and the integration of AI in Uzbekistan.

Tashkent, Uzbekistan, July 10, 2023. Digital Leadership Forum in the first event focused on the development of IT and BPO. Around 300 companies worldwide took part in the forum, introducing their businesses and ideas as fast-growing and reliable digital companies. The Forum was opened
by Sherzod Shermatov, Minister of Digital Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan on July 7, 2023.

Raj Sandhu, the CEO of Bikal Technologies, during his speech at the panel discussion, highlighted the importance of embracing digital transformation and the role of artificial intelligence in driving
innovation and economic growth. He also emphasized the need for collaboration between industry leaders, government agencies, and academia to create a conducive environment for technological advancements. Aziz Atabekov, CEO of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, brought together a group of AI companies operating in Uzbekistan. Bikal’s presence at the First Digital Leadership Forum was a testament to our commitment to supporting and contributing to the digital landscape in Uzbekistan. We believe that by investing in local talent and fostering partnerships with local businesses, we can help accelerate the country’s digital transformation journey.

At the forum, Bikal showcased some of its cutting-edge AI solutions and demonstrated how they can be applied to various industries such as digital twins, computer vision, and law enforcement. The company’s innovative products and services garnered significant interest from attendees, leading to fruitful discussions and potential collaborations.
As a technology-driven company, Bikal is constantly seeking opportunities to expand its presence in emerging markets. Uzbekistan’s rapid progress in computer technologies presents a promising landscape for us to explore new business prospects and forge strategic partnerships.

The Digital Leadership Forum provided an excellent platform for Bikal to connect with industry leaders, government officials, and technology enthusiasts. It also allowed us to gain valuable insights into the local market dynamics and understand the specific challenges and opportunities
that exist in Uzbekistan.

Bikal remains committed to supporting Uzbekistan’s digital transformation journey and looks forward to further collaboration with local stakeholders. We are confident that our expertise in AI and our passion for innovation will contribute to the country’s continued growth and development.

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