How Michelin Pilot 4 Radials Are Best In Cornering and Bending

Since childhood, our teachers have been teaching us a beautiful lesson about practice. They say, ‘practice makes a man perfect.’ However, according to Periander, practice is everything and yet is often misquoted and understood as something which only eventually leads to perfection.

Today, many riders believe that motorcycling is an art which one keeps on becoming better at throughout their lives. One cannot reach perfection. All he can do is practice, practice, and practice, especially, the techniques of cornering and bending which are learned on different tracks — on different machines — and under different conditions, and still can’t be perfected.

However, bike tyres are one of the most important factors when it comes to the technique cajoling your beast into cornering and bending. It is what separates a great ride from a good ride. So, to make this learning easy and better, Michelin set out on a mission to revitalize its lineup of motorcycle tyres. And now, at the end of that two-year run comes the Michelin Pilot Road 4.

The 2CT (Dual Compound Technology) features harder tread compounds in the center and softer tread compounds on the shoulders. This allows the sidewalls to contour to the road better, improving surface area to the section or tread at the time of cornering and bending.

Apart from that, Michelin Pilot Road 4 also has XST (X-Sipe Technology), a design on the tread that uses sipes and wells to cut through films of water, increasing water drainage capacity. The same feature provides excellent grip in wet conditions, and on a wide range of road surfaces, including painted lines and pedestrian crossings.

The biggest change made to the new Pilot Road 4 is the new ‘Michelin 2 AT technology’, which is the result of a 5-year development project to combine the advantages of bias tyres (high load carrying and stability) with the benefit of radial construction (enhanced riding pleasure and comfort).

The tyres come in three variants — regular Road 4, for regular sports tourers over 600CC; Road 4 GT for larger machines; and Road 4 Trail for heavy, high torque trail riding touring bikes. So, regardless of the machine you have, the amalgamation of all these technologies help you manage your machine well while cornering and bending your bike.

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