How Riding Suits Play an Important Role in a Rider’s Life While Riding

Most motorcyclists know how important it is to wear protective riding gear or a riding suit when aboard the beast, but for those who don’t, here are some of the many reason you should always put safety first. In the past, the only available options were leather motorcycle suits. Today, a variety of materials such as Kevlar and nylon are being integrated into the motorcycle riding suit. These materials are much lighter and are far more advanced when it comes to protection against weather, as well as having fantastic anti-abrasive properties. When put to the test, they withstood 1700 cycles in the abrasion test before failing.

Riders are under this illusion that denim can somehow provide adequate protection, but to put things into perspective, it was only able to withstand 50 cycles before giving out in the abrasion test.

So what exactly composes a riding suit? Well, here are the essential pieces that one can simply not live without.


Your cranial cavity is by far the most important part of your body, and it’s quite shocking to see riders out there actively endangering their lives by not protecting it. A helmet is THE most essential part of your riding suit, and as a rider, it is your responsibility to yourself to wear one everywhere you ride. Helmets are designed to cushion and protect your head from the impact of an accident. The reason that people usually give for not wearing helmets is something as silly as the fact that they are expensive, hot, restrictive, cause ‘helmet hair’, and the fact they feel they are exercising their freedom of choice. When all is said and done, none of these reason can justify or bring back someone’s life if anything were to go wrong. Bottom line, wear a well-fitting helmet in which you feel comfortable and safe.


They may seem like a ‘wanna-be’ item on the list, but when it comes down to hitting the pavement, rocks, branches or any hard surface, even at a low speed, your hands are usually the first to absorb the impact. A proper pair of heavy leather gloves with armoured palms will go a long way in preventing broken hands. They should ideally extend past the wrist, and be slightly curved to improve the grip on the handlebars.


The jacket is an all-time favourite for most riders, as they tend to hold the personality of a biker. I mean, can you really imagine a rider without one of those bulky black leather jackets? Other than creating an image, jacket’s play an important role in the safety of a rider. They are usually ribbed with a skeleton of protective padding in all the important areas such as upper back, shoulders and arms. The jacket absorbs most of the impact when a rider is faced with an accident. Material such as Kevlar and Nylon are being used these days to improve the breathability, comfort and abrasion resistance of riding jackets.


Most riding pants have armour in the knee area as well as a great abrasive resistant quality. Buy the right pair to avoid all those scrappy knees.


They are not as comfy as tennis shoes, but other than being rather stylish, they protect you from the exhaust pipe, tyres, rocks and the motorbike itself in case you do go hurtling towards the ground.

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