Ride and Eat Right!

While on a long bike ride, eating right is very important. Too little and you won’t have the stamina to ride through your trip. Too much and you’ll be fighting off sleep! You can’t even take food with you because in all probability your bike is already overloaded. Add to that the difficulty of finding a decent place to eat and you’ve got yourself a giant problem! Now you’re probably wondering what riders on biking trails do? Well, here’s the answer, right from the experts -

What to eat

Do you know the food coma you’re in after a heavy lunch? The one that you need to fight with espressos and caffeine. Well, you don’t want to fight it on a motorcycle! Have a reasonable breakfast and avoid carbohydrates like potatoes or pancakes! Lunch should be light with pro-biotic food like yogurt. You can indulge during dinner with whatever you want because you don’t have any more riding to do that day. This will give your body time to digest the food. Make sure you have a few hours after a heavy meal and before you sleep.

Where to eat

When you’re booking or checking into a hotel to turn in for the night, make sure it is within walking distance from a restaurant so that you don’t have to travel very far or search for food. It’s even better if you can find a place which serves food or has an in-house mess. Another tip that seasoned bike riders swear by is eating at local dhabas instead of chain stores. Their food is cheaper, better and leads to some memorable experiences!


The meal scenario might be sorted for you, but what if you’re struck by hunger pangs while you’re riding? For all those times, pack some snacks with you and if you run out, get your stash refilled at the closest petrol pump or convenience store. Also keep some snack bars or energy bars handy.

What to avoid

Avoid sugary foods. In fact, take your choice of beverage (coffee or tea) without any sugar in it because starch causes drowsiness. If possible, eat slightly spicy food — it will help you stay awake longer and maintain your concentration throughout your bike trip!

First time rider? You’ll need more preparation that just knowing what to eat! Log on to the Trails Of India website to be 100% prepared! You can also download the App on your Android or iOS phone for help along the way!