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The thrill of riding at fast speeds is unbeatable. The feeling of wind on your face, your heart racing as you accelerate faster is something every biker lives for. As enjoyable as these high speeds are, the fall may be just as bad. The impact at such high speeds often results in broken limbs and internal damages, which more often than not is life threatening. Luckily, for those who crave speed, there is a bunch of safety gear at their disposal for them to enjoy their rides.

Helmets are a must for anyone who rides a bike. A helmet is essentially made to break on impact to prevent the trauma from reaching the head and causing internal damage. It is very important for your helmet to be of the right fit and of good quality to ensure maximum protection.

Being one of the most stylish accessories available, they come in various colours and styles to suit different needs.

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A leather jacket is perhaps one of the most coveted accessories for bikers and non-bikers as well. Riding jackets fall into 2 categories, leather and textile. Materials like 1000 denier Cordura are able to resist strong friction and impact to protect from injuries and rashes. A leather jacket is most preferred by bikers, lasts longer and fits closely to the body. Though a textile jacket is often more affordable.

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Riding pants are made to prevent severe road rash in case of an accident. Not only are they sturdier than jeans, they are also more comfortable and apt for riding. If you wish to attach your jacket to your pants, make sure both are from the same manufacturer. Riding pants come in 2 types of materials, textile and leather. Textile pants are attached with CE-rated armour around the hip and knee area, for better protection.

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A good pair of sturdy boots not only adds to the style statement of a biker but also helps the rider to have a strong grip on slippery uneven surfaces when he or she needs to put down their foot. Good riding boots are also excellent protection for ankles as they prevent a rider’s foot from twisting. Boots with zippers are preferred over ones with laces as the laces are likely to get stuck somewhere and cause an injury.

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Gloves are worn to protect hands — they take the first impact during a crash and need to be guarded against damage. Wearing gloves not only prevents road rash and injuries but also improves grip and provides better control while riding.

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There is nothing like full-body protection when it comes to ensuring comfort and safety. Though these suits are expensive, they offer great flexibility and protection when riding. A cheaper alternative to the suits are the jackets and pants that can be attached together with a zipper.

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Body Armour works the same way a helmet does. It absorbs any impact and prevents it from reaching the body and limbs. Armour can be brought as a whole of in parts. They come in 2 safety standards — CE1 and CE2. CE1 is cheaper and made of lighter material, while CE2 is made of more sturdy material and is more expensive.

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