Transform Your Old Bike into New

Every piece of a motorcycle is different in its own way. There’s a lot it reflects about the environment, the era and the owner of the bike. Yes, there are some tangible things on a motorcycle that turn old with time, but no one can ever depreciate the bond an owner has with his or her bike.

An old machine can be a piece of scrap for someone, but for a die-hard bike lover it’s an opportunity to re-imagine the best piece of machinery they own and reinvent it. Today, there are many over-the-counter parts and racy-looking accessories available in the market to transform your bike into its brand new avatar or give it a new lease of life.

For the rider who wants to soup up his bike, it’s all about creativity and crossing the boundaries. The experience of being a rider has taught me a few things about refurbishing a bike. When someone asks me about the most popular add-ons to hook up your machines with so it looks as good as new, here are the suggestions I share — look for these parts

• Exhaust system
• Seat/Seat cover
• Handlebars
• Frame sliders

Exhaust system

For a true biker, his bike is his personal style statement. From a tiny nut to a cool looking exhaust system, he is in love with every inch of his bike. Exhaust systems are incredibly aggressive and have a great deal of attitude that complements the body of your bike. This beauty on the beast is pretty simple to install, which makes it one of the all-time favourite mods for bikes.


Seat mod is a really important part that completes the custom look of a bike. We personally prefer customized seat with a rugged leather base (if you’re a hardcore leather freak). Something like a ‘humpback’ seat can be cherry on the cake. It’s got that ‘look’, it is comfortable and won’t let your butt go numb.


A handlebar is like the hairstyle of your bike. There are several options to try. Either you can go with ace bars or you can simply turn your handlebar upside down and adjust the grips accordingly. If you are using the old grips, make sure the mechanic uses compressed air to lift the grips from the old bars (the left side only, as the right will come off with the throttle assembly).

Frame sliders

This piece of iron knows that bikers don’t like any part of their bike, except the tyres, to touch the ground. Sliders are sturdy enough to protect your fairings and add a sporty look to your bike. It also saves you thousands by keeping the important parts of your bike safe.

Gas/Fuel tank

Replacing a fuel tank can be a bit challenging unless you have some hardcore engineering experience. You also have the choice to purchase a tank that is specific to your model. If yours is a popular bike, you will get lots of options in the market. When replacing a tank, use rubber mountings wherever possible to fit it well and protect it from vibration.

Follow the right steps — get quality components — and create a new thing of beauty.

Remember, the better you make your bike inside-out, the more you get out of your steed.

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