Based on PolitiFact’s content I have no doubt PolitiFact, as a whole, leans left.
Bryan W White


I agree with your assessment. While it does not matter where the source of the funding is coming from, when all of your funding is coming from leftist sources then you are more than likely going to print leftist ideas.

Money ‘talks’, so if I were to receive a large portion of money from a certain people group, for example: oil executives, then the majority of my findings would be catered in the oil execs favor. I would want to make sure I appeased my funding sources so as to keep them happy with my work and findings.

And while the case could be made that funding sources do not have an impact on the side an article takes, in the majority of cases that is not true.

I was merely pointing out the fact that most Hillary “supporters” like to quote PolitiFact as a trusted and unbiased information source. But from the looks of it, the supporters and editors of the site are “laying in bed” with Clinton, therefore the majority of their findings are going to be biased in favor of Clinton.

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