26 things U should do in your college years


College is fun.

Isn’t it?

Yet, not for everybody.

For many, it could have hard to sustain the college life.
 Friends, Peoples, Professors, lectures, labs, practical’s, exams and what not, we as a whole need to go once through this and thus I had.

From my experience, my perspective of point of view the things U ought to do in your school days would be worth telling as :: things a student must do in his/her college life.

1. Understanding your mates — Yes, Your class and roommates.
 Your classmates who will be the part of your four years of life, who will become your forever friends, from whom your next future life will be decided.
 And your roommates obviously, , as they will be your first individual who will end up being your bestie , your first friend and maybe your soulmate as sharing a big thing with them for days, months and so years that we called a “ROOM” means a lot.

2. Making Quality Friends (Choosing Quality over Quantity) — Well, I can tell U that U will meet many and so different kind of people with different taste, different sense of humor, great terrible all kind but U need to find the right ones which can hold you for a long run.

3. Make a Friends Group — Well, this would be the most essential thing you should do in your college life.
 A group of not many but 3 or 4 would be great and it can be with mixed boys and girls (or not doesn’t matters), with whom you can sit with, go to movies, enjoy weekends and hangout at places, take selfies and more. 
As this Group U will make in your first year of school's life would mean a considerable measure in your maturing days when U would recount the stories very much supported with the recollections about your best amigos to your grandsons and little girls in future.

4. Propose a Girl — This is not essential.
 In any way, having girlfriend or boyfriend would make your experience better and clear.

5. Go on a Trip with your Friends — This is obvious.
 Enjoy with your friends. Climb the Everest. Have fun!!

6. Click selfies (For memories)

7. Be the part of a society — Joining a society or club of your interest would not only nurture your interest or work but also make your communications better with your seniors and juniors as working together.

8. Participate in a College Cultural event — Learn participate.
 Music, Dance, Drama, Debate, Singing. Live Live your life.

9. Score a full 10.0 CGPA at least in one semester — Haha!
 Yes, Get your ass on work atleast in one sem and score hard.

10. Find your passion — This is important. U might be studying and pursuing the degree in your field but it is not necessary that U are really into it. U need to identify your true passion what U really want to do. This can be the best decision of your life. Trust me.

11. Do a Freelance job — Doing a part time job and earning for yourself would relives the best feeling for U.
 U can find a plenty of online freelance jobs as the internet is filled with full of gems. U simply need to google it. Haha!!

12. Watch movies/ TV shows everyday — Who don’t like to watch movies and shows by keeping popcorn aside with your bestie. (I completed Breaking Bad, GOT and The Walking Dead all together in a month.) Voilla!!

13. Bunk classes — One of the most memorable piece of cake of your college life.

14. Have a Night Out with your best friend — The second most memorable thing. LOL

15. Have the beer taste — Its not bad to go out and have fun and opening the beer’s top. . Well what I can state, Budweiser remains the best for me and my love “OLD MONK”. Don’t Overdo it.

16. Celebrate your Birthday with street children — The smile on those children’s faces U will recall for long. Throw them a party in a restaurant or hotel.

17. Win Counter Strike match series

18. Learn an Instrument (Guitar, Flute etc.) — Music has the power to motivate you, to rejoice U. Practicing an instrument is a skill which U can make a hobby.

19. Skip your mess food and enjoy pizza — I remember (I with my friends) how we enjoyed the Dominos pizzas worth only 100 bucks for late delivery. Haha!!

20. Make contacts with your Professors — Those boring lecturers and professors might be an incredible help for you in future. Who knows?

21. Do an Internship — Update your Linkedin and all other social profiles with listed hobbies and work experiences of interests.

22. Build your own Brand — Make a page or Youtube channel on your skill or may be Instagram profile. Your brand will represent U. Your image will speak to U.

23. Step out from your Comfort zone — Stop Yourself pushing towards laziness, pessimists’, sluggishness, hopeless, demoralized, suspicious and doubtful. Do something different and always feel sparkling. Open Your mind and go find your intuition. Feel the power of your subconscious mind.

24. Keep yourself far from Negativity — Neglect and Ignore the negativity and disheartened people because yes, U will find there.

25. Bash your best friend on his Birthday — — Beat him hard with the goal that he could recall that lifetime :P

26. Do things U have not done so far — Last but not least,
 do things which fills your soul on doing them as Everyone has a story.
Write your own story.