From earning my first dollar to launching my own productized content service (CAAS) — ’GrumpyText’

Vikas Yadav
Oct 9, 2018 · 8 min read

Hey Everyone!!

This is Vikas Yadav, a recently graduated engineer, or you could say I am among one of those youngest people who dream big and want to establish themselves on their own in this highly competitive world. This is the reason I thought of this online side business and launched one of the biggest projects of mine to date “Grumpy Text” that serves as a platform for delivering unlimited content at flat monthly rates.

My journey so far has been a wonderful experience. There were mistakes, learning and growth. It’s about how I got influenced by these online businesses? How I started? What was my first step? To what extent I was successful? And, what inspired me to move towards content marketing?

Firstly, it’s indeed not a cup of tea to survive in this business having such a large number of amazing competitors. It demands great patience, a lot of hard work plus a few smart strategies (proper planning, high quality content, keywords optimization and many more) which I learned with time after the failure of my initial website.

Believe me if you have these qualities, you have already won half of the game!

In my initial years of engineering, I used to do freelancing and earn a few bucks. It was in 2015, while I was in my second year, when I first came to know about online marketing business after many searches. The idea of earning so rapidly influenced me to choose this area of business instead of doing that 9 to 5 routine job. So, without procrastinating I started mustering knowledge of how all these things work.

As soon as I was completely aware of how it does work, I invested my money (which I had earned via free lancing) in purchasing domain and hosting. After this I selected a niche (i.e. education) for my first website (just for giving a try to see how things work). Then within a span of two months, I launched my first website. Unfortunately, it was not that much successful. But I acquired experience that was good enough for me to continue in this field.

The reasons for failure of my first website!

· I was a novice in this field.

· Lack of knowledge.

· Lack of time investment.

· Pressure of college academics, grades and placement.

Since you are an Indian engineering student, you are judged based on your grades and placement. For me, getting a job at that time was a source for my investment in online business. Due to these external pressures, I was unable to invest much time as required for my site. But then, also, I never left the idea of doing an online business. I used to devote 4–5 hours on a daily basis and more on week days while balancing other activities simultaneously.

All this hard work and dedication paid off and eventually resulted in the launching of my next website in affiliate marketing. This time it was fully designed by me and it worked far better than my earlier website. I have also learned how the content quality and keyword optimization plays a vital role in running these online businesses.

And this is how I earned my first dollar via affiliate marketing.

Earning of my first dollar in 2017 January!


Yes! It was a mesmerizing moment for me when I earned my first dollar online. I felt like I was on cloud nine at that point of time. Though it took a whole month to get me a dollar but its fine (as it’s not about quantity, it’s about first earning). It made me more vigorous about my work and made me presume my target of earning online.

Then to the first $100…

It took just a few months to make it to our first $100 from $1.

Now it’s time to get some more…$1000!

Yeah! We did it!

The following are the stats of my second affiliate website which prompted me to get going!

1. Keyword ranking- under top ten pages of Google

The content quality and keywords optimization of our articles were such that inspite of having keywords difficulty and high volume competition, we managed to reach under the top ten pages of Google within a short span of 1–2 months only. We didn’t even have much marketing and backlink creation then.

It can be seen that despite after having high keyword difficulty as per ahrefs analysis, we were able to maintain our rank under top ten pages on google search. For high volume keywords like 2700 and 5300, it was ranking on first and second page. And for long tail keyword searches, the keywords were at 5th and 6th positions. These achievements meant a lot if you are a novice in this field.

2. Leaving behind Wikipedia in one of our articles

Our content post even left Wikipedia behind to get to the top position on Google. At that time, we haven’t even done much of marketing and backlink creation. The reason being, our high quality content and SEO Research analysis! It was one of the biggest achievements I had till then.

It was epic!

I can still recall that day when one of our team members noticed our page ranking on Google. I was astonished after seeing that our page was leading Wikipedia. It’s indeed a captivating memento for us to have such an achievement in such a short period of time.

3. Increase in number of visitors to selling 600 plus amazon products worth $20k

Within a month there was a tremendous increase in the number of visitors at my second website. Then there was this month when we were able to sell 600 plus amazon products worth $20,875. In this way, hard work and patience paid off and we were able to attract more and more visitors as months passed by.

It’s the record of the month when we sold 600 plus items on amazon.

4. Words of appreciation on Social Groups

As soon as the number of visitors and earnings increased, I shared a few screenshots on our Facebook groups, through which I received overwhelming words of appreciation which made me more passionate to carry on with my work.

Thanks to them.

Every word of appreciation is a gem for us. It’s something which let us feel that people are loving what we are doing. While reading the comments on my Facebook page group. I was amazed at one of the comments. It was from “Stuart Walker- the owner of”, an inspiration for new beginners like us.

Idea behind “Grumpytext”

While I was working on my affiliate website, I felt that high quality content is the need of every other online business to attract and retain their audience. At that point in time, I thought, why don’t we start providing content and keyword research services at flat monthly rates to our customers!

Then without giving a second thought, I talked to my professional pool of writers to provide the content as a service in a productized way and requested them to send some best of their portfolio content pieces and hence eventually led to the formation of our newly productized service with our top notched professional team of writers.

It dispenses the following services to our customers:

Ø Business blogs

Ø Affiliate contents

Ø Educational blogs

Ø Niche blogs

Ø SEO copywriting and keyword research

Ø Website content

How does it work?

Grumpytext is a simple online content service provider platform which delivers our customers unlimited content in various courses as mentioned above. It follows a few easy steps-

Ø Just signup first.

Ø Write to us about the type of content you are looking for.

Ø In addition to this, you can also suggest any particular format you would like us to follow or specific keywords you want to include in it.

Ø That’s it! Within 4–5 days we will deliver the content to you.

Ø We take care of necessary revisions and edits too, if required.

Ø We offer simple pricing, high quality content as compared to others.

Future Aspects-

We look forward to serve our customers in the best possible way. We work with a team of highly qualified professional writers. We follow a particular pattern and write personalized content. We are very specific and to the point in our articles. These are the superiorities that connect our visitors with us very easily.

With an increase in number of internet users now-a-days, requirement of content has increased tremendously. Content marketing is something which is complementary to other online marketing strategies. It encourages trust in the brand and products you are promoting, plus, it leaves an evergreen impact on your visitors. So it becomes crucial to invest in content marketing wisely to grow in other markets.

Moreover, in our initial days we have thought of targeting our first fifty customers per month only. This will help us in retaining the quality of our contents plus our customers will be served with more satisfactory work. For this, we have hired veteran professional writers and are looking forward to providing them proper training also. All these moves will help us in delivering our services.

Check our samples here, to know where you invest!

Writer, Editor, Entrepreneur!! Founder at — An unlimited blog content service for brands and startups

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