Types of girls I have met in my college

source: https://unsplash.com/collections/298472/chin2?photo=Sy-bpHGSKEs

1. A Poetic one => This young lady I met in my clump in first year of my school. Little Height, Poetic one and very much mannered expressive young lady who makes any point discussable and thinks of her own stories with her enchanting impact.

2. An introvert girl => Total self observer. Less Speak able, Slow Replier, Silent and Intelligent one.

3. Padhaku Girl (studious one) => A one who is particularly cognizant and strict about her future and profession who scores at least 90% stamps in any subject.

4. Secret Padhaku => One who doesn’t talks in class, less talk able however when the outcomes come she is in the best 10 percent scorers.

5. Highly Extrovertic => One who is merry, cheerful, do photography and a dog sweetheart (lover). Yes!

6. A smart one => Soothes everybody with her words and do the assignments keenly.

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