Our Queen

Your Highness,

The brightness of your crown ignites us

Frightful because we’re brown and that’s all that defines us

Your denials makes your rivals aim to guide us

And makes you a clown when you drown in a Bible for triumphs

Insightful, your frown makes the suicidal pull out a rifle without license

And blow their brains out to a crowd for genocidal silence

Silence so vibrant it calms the politeness

My Queen when will you finance the righteous?

And show us some guidance?

Causing riots for rival compliance

And taunting pious disciples in your timeless reprisals

You recycle your blindness when our kind is under tyrants

But open your eyes when the whiteness is in crisis

The migrants were childless but stopped by the Privates

Our defiance will always be the requirement

Vileness in excitement when racial bias spreads like a virus

And plague the mindless with far right alignments

In crisis we’re lifeless yet soaring like pilots

Absorbing the dryness in the climate of sirens

Your Highness

We’ve left you behind us through slyness

Averting the crisis infecting your sinus

We’re desirous and counting our triumphs

We’ve sighted the priceless refinements

While you were sightless and spineless