Million Dollar Baby is a shitty movie

After reading Clint Eastwood’s interview in Esquire I can say that while his words and sentiments aren’t summed up accurately due to our culture’s love of clickbait cherry-picking the juiciest bits from an interview that makes a person sound best/worst in the public’s eye, they’re still the clumsy, stilted words of a dying generation that doesn’t quite get it. If you belong to the same race or class of people that are considered the oppressor, the oppressed aren’t going to listen to a word you say in your assessment. You’re not going to be viewed as a qualified arbiter of what’s racist or discriminatory or not because you’ve never experienced exactly what it is they’re referencing, leaving you as little more than a simulacrum of an oppressor, it’s weak and diluted grandchild speaking from a detached worldview. And every denial or deflection is going to appear to be further buttressing and reinforcement to this seemingly impenetrable castle that a bunch of people are trying to take down so they can try and stake their claim in something that was denied to generations of their people prior. Having a platform like an interview in Esquire to espouse your opinions is a cushy, climate-controlled luxury few can afford, so naturally it might seem like anything said in a medium considered beneath is going to look like petulant whining when it’s mostly just the lack of status that makes those airs seem unrefined and immature.

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