Curry Coffee

Tim Curry was roasting coffee beans on a small sauce pan on his electric stove all the way back in 2001. Now he is serving the coffee lovers of Reno, one pound of dark roast at a time.

Tim Curry-owner of Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Beans in Reno

Dark roasts, medium, blonde, espresso- Curry has it all. He has his coffee beans shipped to him on a regular basis. From all across the globe-Ethiopia, Indonesia, India, South America, etc. His initial goal was only to supply restaurants with good tasting coffee, until he realized that the local people of Reno really loved his product.

Curry did not start off in the coffee industry. He got his inspiration from a book that taught readers about the different roasts of coffee. Curry began researching the different roasts and soon decided that he would try his hand at putting an old-world feel on coffee.

His old world feel came from his first charcoal based roaster that he had made for him ,“I felt that the tradition style was meant for Reno.”

Curry quickly moved on from his charcoal roaster to his trusty red Italian fire-roaster. Together, and with Curry’s partner, they have successfully roasted coffee for the people of Reno for about 15 years.

A day for Curry consists of knowing what roasts businesses want, cutting up enough wood for a batch of beans, and firing up his machine. Each batch takes about 15 minutes.

Curry starts his fire, checks his temperature gauges and then pours in the beans to the top of the machine. Once the beans are in and churning, Curry listens for a popcorn-like sound that gives him a sense that the beans are almost done. After, he pulls out a part of the machine and checks the color of the beans. If the color looks right, he pours them out of the roaster and into the mixer to cool.

The cooling process after the beans were roasted.

Curry separates all of his roasts into different bins and labels them after they’re done cooling. He prides himself in giving customers the freshest roasts he can, and only roasts coffee a day in advance of delivery.

Sharing a cup of Tim’s coffee after a hard day’s work.

If you’re looking for the freshest coffee in Reno, Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company has the organically grown blends that you’re looking for. Locally owned and operated, Tim Curry is always looking to help the community drink a better cup of coffee.

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