won·der·land: noun \ˈwən-dər-ˌland, -lənd\

1. a place that is filled with things that are beautiful, impressive, or surprising

2. a place that excites admiration or wonder <a scenic wonderland

A beautiful place that can only be visited through drugs (weed does not count). Everything you see is bright and vivid, and more euphoric than any sober person could ever imagine. Black and white are non-existent in wonderland, because they contrast all the other colors. When you are in wonderland you are not aware of it, you're too distracted by the amazing things you're seeing to even realize you're in a different world. You cannot comprehend so much as the idea of “reality”. Wonderland can only be seen on drugs because the human mind is not capable of experiencing such an incredible place without assistance. It’s one of the many reasons you actually should use drugs.

Last night I was in wonderland and I saw a zebra with all different color stripes.. an imaginary place of delicate beauty or magical charm.

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