28 Days Writing Challenge: Day 28

February 28th

When something comes to an end, it doesn’t just stop there. It is the same thing as the beginning of a new journey. The process of that thing is a lesson, a lesson that should be learned from. A process preparing you for the next step. Like —

Finishing a good meal;

Finishing a good book;

When the rollercoaster comes to a stop;

When the movie comes to an end, if you’re patient enough, you’ll be rewarded a little something after the credits scene to whet your appetite. An ending with another ending just before the next ending;

End of a relationship;



With death, there’s the transit to afterlife and then the afterlife.

This Writing challenge is the process. It has come to an end. But an ending that gives birth to a new beginning. Lessons learnt, will continue to learn. Process appreciated.

I’d like to thank everyone that has been following this. I had to keep up so I don’t disappoint.

Special thank you to my husband. On some days, he’d ask “won’t you write today? What are you going to write about” that was enough push for me. And he always rewarded me with showers of praises.

The biggest motivation was wanting to do better than the last time. Wanting to be a better writer. Sometimes I succeeded. Other times I did not. The reward was the feeling of satisfaction after putting in the required effort.

The biggest challenge was the fear of not doing it well. The fear of the next person reading and not liking what they’ve just read, leaving them feeling like they’ve wasted their time or feeling underwhelmed. That made me not want to write. It leaves one feeling inadequate. Then I’d ask myself

“what would Chimamanda do?”

“What would Nnedi do?”

More than anything, I’ve learnt that consistency and dedication are most important. And that some days, you’ll come across challenges and situations that’ll be next to impossible to overcome

Here’s to doing better