real interactivity just wasn’t as effective
Lies the Jumbotron Told Me
Douglas Rushkoff

“Make Noise” is part of the butt-in-seat, in-person experience. There is no interactivity, real or otherwise implied with radio or television but that doesn’t stop you from cheering, or yelling at the inanimate object you are using to experience the event.

So what?

Imagine the injustice when the people at home are cheering louder than the ones that paid money to sit at the event. Even something pre-recorded that you couldn’t possibly have an impact on.

Its an outlet for emotion. Or rather its more like a pitch pipe for hitting the right key before a group begins to sing. Like when any announcer appeals to you 3-times, “I can’t hear you”, and you get louder each time.

“Make Noise” is a call to action to get you in the mood and alert you that the correct key to sing at this event needs to be cranked to ELEVEN

Thank you for the fun topic Douglas.