How Disruptive Tech is the Canary in the Coal Mine

I’ve been having an exchange this morning with an Industry analyst (and good friend) who writes about what is happening primarily in the ERP market. Part of the discussion was about how quickly large companies who use a certain German software are moving to cloud-based solutions- it turns out not many because they want to maintain their customizations. He then equated this to pouring concrete onto their feet.

Many of the discussions I have with prospects and customers is about efficiency, but I’m changing the dialogue to talk more about competitiveness. Every major new company is disrupting their industry through the use of innovation. Uber, AirBnB and the like are disintermediating traditional models and driving sky-high valuations. Why? Because these approaches are making them the new standard- proven out by the fact that valuations are based on long-term returns.

Disruptive tech is more than replacing outdated tech; it’s about changing the status quo. It’s not about the disruptors- it’s about those who understand how disruptive technologies change the playing field- for the long-term.