Undocumented: Love, Fear, and Hope

On the City Voice Podcast, I was recently able to interview a man who was born in Florida and so obviously an American Citizen. However, his wife was born in Honduras and has a deportation order that has been outstanding since before they were married. She has committed no crimes, other than coming to the United States of America.

The issue of immigration has become increasingly contentious for many and down right scary for undocumented people.

I know that laws and what is legal and what is not are at play here. I feel it’s important to put a human face on this issue.

On the podcast you will hear Manny talk about the woman he loves Evette. She could be taken from their home at any moment.

He is an American citizen and owns a very small business but feels they are living a life in hiding where they cannot be free. They are scared.

This is their story of Love, Fear, and Hope.

I have my opinions on this subject but I my hope is you will listen and make up your own mind.