Visio Quote: AGS use brand new app to help removals process

William O'Connor
3 min readApr 26, 2017
AGS International, one of the world leaders in International removals

International removals is a complicated business at the best of times, so AGS International Movers have started using a revolutionary new app to try and make things that little bit easier.

Visio Quote is the first of its kind — a smartphone app which can take AGS inside their clients’ homes, giving them advanced knowledge of exactly what needs to be moved.

It can be downloaded from both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The real-time virtual visit means AGS can glean valuable information for a more efficient removals operation when the time to move comes.

Using the app is surprisingly simple — all that is needed is a smartphone with Visio Quote and a reliable internet connection. Once online, the client gives some basic details such as their location, their final destination and the date on which they plan to move. They also arrange a time for a virtual tour with a member of staff at AGS. Confirmation via email is then sent to ensure that all parties are aware of the various details.

Visio Quote

On the day of the virtual tour, a text message is sent. The client opens the message and follows a link, which opens the app and starts the virtual visit. The client can then show an AGS agent around the location with both live video and audio, giving them a far better idea of the quantity, size and overall volume of the items which need to be moved.

All of this gives AGS the exact information they need in advance, including details and dimensions of any awkward items, which in turn avoids any nasty surprises when the day to move finally arrives. It is the first state-of-the-art way to visit a location to be created, and is expected to prove a useful tool as AGS look to enhance their global business.

Just to ensure that no unforeseen problems arise, AGS also have a function on their website which allows clients to quickly establish the volume of the goods and items which need to be moved, ensuring as accurate an estimate as possible.

AGS International Removals are one of the world leaders in the sector. A family business which started back in 1974, they have grown into one of the major forces in the removals industry. The group now works from 142 locations servicing 97 countries, offering the safe, secure and reliable movement of people’s belongings from country to country. They shift more than 70,000 families’ goods every year.

Africa is where they conduct most of their business — their recent establishment in the Seychelles means they are represented in every country across the continent. But their expansion across Europe has also been rapid — particularly in the UK, where they arrived in 1991.