I’ve read this before, I don’t know if it was on here though but I’ve been wondering: If you aren’t…
Christopher Brown

I would politely refuse to do the task and explain why I’m uncomfortable with it. The most likely outcome is that the task will be assigned to someone else. At which point, you’ll have a good sense of what the company is about and you can quietly find another job and make a graceful exit.

In the unlikely event that you get an ultimatum; “do this or you’re fired” then you have to take a very hard look at your options. Often, if you calmly think it through, you’ll realize that suddenly losing your job will not put you in as bad a situation as you originally thought.

In an extreme case where you get the ultimatum after refusing and losing your job means your kid won’t get some life saving medicine or something like that, then yeah, you probably choose to suck it up and bear the guilty conscience of acting unethically in order to spare yourself the guilty conscience of damming your own child. But I doubt many people would really find themselves in a situation so extreme.