Ventura’s Neglect Of Short-Term Vacation Rentals Forces Lawsuit

Pierpont resident John Whitman files a complaint in Ventura County Superior Court

Here’s another reason to vote No on Measure O. A Pierpont resident lodged a complaint against Ventura over short-term vacation rentals in court. The complaint forces Ventura to spend our tax dollars to pay legal expenses.

Pierpont Resident Sues Ventura over Short-term Vacation Rental Permit

John Whitman filed a Complaint for Declaratory and Injective Relief against the City of San Buenaventura in Ventura County Superior Court.

Whitman alleges Ventura violated city zoning ordinances by issuing short-term vacation rental permits in residential areas.

Whitman’s complaint illustrates how unresponsive Ventura has been to residents on this issue. The problem has been ongoing since 2007.

Voters Should Remember This Incident Before Voting On Measure O

Think hard before giving more tax money to the city of Ventura. Whitman filed his complaint because the city staff was unaccountable and unresponsive. The outcome is bad for all citizens. Don’t give the city more tax money with Measure O. Force city government to work with the money they have to serve the community.