The Day I Almost Died!

Hey Everyone! I know this is a little late but I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. In honor of the holiday, I wanted to tell you all a personal story of when I thought I was going to die.

To set the stage, it was my junior year in high school just after Valentine’s Day. I was in my last class of the day, Accounting. We had been given busy work to keep us busy until the end of class.
One of my best friends had this class with me and we were usually the first ones to finish. Today was no different. We finished our work first and our teacher was so impressed that she presented us with a gift from an assorted candy heart she had on her desk.

Due to a lapse in judgement, I asked my friend to try his and let me know if it tasted like any tree nuts. He told me he didn’t taste anything odd, so without thinking, I just threw it in my mouth.
I felt something wrong immediately. It started with tingles running down the back of my throat. I immediately ask to go see the nurse. Unfortunately she had left so the sports medicine teacher provided me with Benadryl.

My grandma’s neighbor was a substitute teacher in the class next door that day, so she brought me to my grandma’s house. That’s when things got worse.

Grandma gave me more Benadryl, called 911, and then my mom, who was at work. I started to itch all over. Everything itched and I stared to cough uncontrollably. My face was so warm and I was just praying, “Please don’t let me die.”
Shortly after the coughing had subsided, my mom arrived and she was in tears.
By then, the Benadryl had finally kicked in but the swelling at reached its peak. When mom saw me she couldn’t decipher any of my facial features. My face looked like a pumpkin.

The ambulance arrived shortly after my mom did, and they examined me. They determined that the Benadryl was doing its job, and they didn’t see a need for me to go to the hospital. They urged me to go to the allergist and get a prescription for an epinephrine shot (Epi-Pen).

Almost a decade later, and I have an Epi-Pen with me constantly. My wife keeps one in her purse at all times as well, just to be safe.

Although it was a horrific experience, it was also a blessing in disguise to show me what can happen if not taken seriously. It reminds me to be careful of what I eat and be mindful of the consequences.

If you have a story to tell, feel free to comment. I’d like to hear stories from you all.

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