Collaborative Innovation: The dawn of WE-Commerce is upon us

As the sharing economy continues to unfold, in its wake, an era of collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship arrives. The dawn of WE-Commerce is upon us.

Today the power of the we trumps that of the me, and is being felt on a global scale. Whether it is the never ending spate of uber “x” businesses being powered by community and collaboration, the rise of baby “Silicon Valleys” popping up in places ranging from Cyprus to Seoul as a result of the democratizing power of technology and its impact on innovation’s reach, or the growing Do It Together (DIT) movement that defines a collective action that benefits a community, as opposed to the singular “Yourself” of DIY, collective driven change abounds.

All of the above does not happen by technology alone. It happens because of movements powered by likeminded individuals around common goals and passions. Welcome to the House of We.

We are living in the long tail of the industrial revolution. We still go to work in offices and factories and mills. We live in cities and suburbs, instead of villages. We purchase mass produced goods, rather than fashioning our own tools, and we are still dealing with the isolation, alienation, lack of connection, and the diminishment of the singular human hand and voice that mass production and industrialization ultimately produced.

But all that is changing, and it’s changing quickly. We are standing amidst the ashes and what once prevailed no longer functions, and once again, new species are emerging.

The “I, Me, Mine” mindset of the industrial era came to an end in the crash of 2008. In its place comes an economy, and a culture built on a reimagined version of our core American competencies: socialization, sharing, trust, purpose, passion, creativity, and collaboration. We are building a HouseofWe, and returning to our small community origins, only now our village is global in scale.

Billee Howard is Founder + Chief Engagement Officer of Brandthropologie, a cutting edge communications consulting firm specializing in helping organizations and individuals to produce innovative, creative and passionate dialogues with target communities, consumers and employees, while blazing a trail toward new models of artful, responsible, and sustainable business success. Billee is a veteran communications executive in brand development, trend forecasting, strategic media relations, and C-suite executive positioning. She has a book dedicated to the study of the sharing economy called WeCommerce due out in Fall 2015 as well as a blog entitled the #HouseofWe dedicated to curating the trends driving our economy forward. You can read more about “WE-Commerce: How to Create, Collaborate, and Succeed in the Sharing Economy” right here!

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Originally published at on June 11, 2015.

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