CSS- From AtoZ!

I didn’t make my one blog a week goal, but this is pretty close!

Today was day two of class! Two days! It only took two days to get annoyed, frustrated and wishing I knew the answer to everything already. We’ve been flying through lots and lots of topics already, but mainly scratching the surface of the Terminal, HTML, CSS and a whole lot of git/GitHub.

I was sitting there today, thinking “how can I be so far behind on day two?”. I was very frustrated and I was letting this get to me more than I needed to. So, when I left class I came home, changed into sweatpants and watched the cats eat food faster than I could put it in the bowl (it was actually really impressive) and sat down to finish the rest of the videos on this above link “AtoZ CSS” for my assignment. Something someone said just as everyone was leaving today popped into my head and I suddenly felt a little better about the whole situation, “look at how much we’ve learned already”. It feels so much better thinking about it in that perspective than it did “Oh my god, people know more than I do, I’m going to be left behind!”. That was a life changing line and they didn’t even know they said it.

With that new mentality I re-watched some of the other episodes of this web series and a few things started to click. Little things like the difference between a block (an element that takes up the width of it’s parent) and the inline element(which only takes up the width of it’s content). It might not seem like much, but when I’m trying to make a “box” of text and half of it is bigger than the screen, this little nugget changed everything for me. The general sibling stuff is going to take a little while to get exact I think, as with everything else we’re working on, but I know the more I do it the better I’ll get. I’ll definitely be watching these videos over and over again as this whole series is amazing and really informative. The tough thing for me is to know what to put in to get outcome “A” or what do I type to get outcome “B” without putting my laptop through the wall.

It’s hard to compile a list of things I’ve learned from these videos and put them into words, but things are becoming a little clearer. The content in them is making sense and I’ve started implementing some of them into my website clone assignment. It’s just something you have to put into action and see it happening in order for what you read or see to connect in the brain to an actual function you can do.

After all that, it’s only day two. I’ll get better…right?


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