Well, here we go!

With a little anxiety and a whole lot of intrigue I’ve decided to start this blog thing and see what possibly could come of it! Yes, it may have been started because of an assignment for a newly joined school “The Iron Yard” and a newly started career in Software Development, but the idea of leaving all my thoughts, worries and “aha!” moments in one place for people to look at (and me to look back at) sounds amazing.

I’m a pretty private person and like to keep to myself, but I hope to share with you everything that’s going on during my time at “The Iron Yard” and everything beyond those 12 weeks.

So, with that, lets get started!

I’ve been working as an Assistant Golf Professional for the last 3 years and was working towards PGA Membership, but after talking to a friend about his career in coding, I had an interest in researching a little more. The opportunities, the lifestyle, the job market and the chance to live a life I’ve wanted (in terms of freedom) was here.

Immediately, I got in touch with his employer — The Iron Yard in Durham — and scheduled interviews and even went down to check out the campus and city. It was amazing! The campus was unconventional, it was progressive and exactly the opposite of what I don’t like about schools. The place it was in was even better! The whole area around it was relaxing and inviting, it screamed for me to be apart of it. I knew it was it, I knew it was right.

Unfortunately, the money wasn’t there, nor was my preparation to move 1,300 miles. I made excuses to myself on why I didn’t need to go and how I should just “stick” with what I’m doing. I don’t know if you guys ever do that, but that just becomes the dam to all the problems afterwards. The “only-if” or “had I done it I’d be done with it now” kept creeping into my head the months after starting back at the course. The job itself became a burden on my day and life in general. With the help of family and a couple friends I decided to end all that garbage.

I started researching the school again in April and realized they started a cohort here in Minnesota! If that’s not a sign to get your butt in gear I really don’t know what is. I didn’t want to ditch the business I had been working hard on and the people I worked with, so I decided to join their cohort in September/October and ride out the rest of the summer.

Which brings us to today. The beginning.

I’ve been messing around with HTML, CSS, Javascript via Codecademy and Treehouse. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it, or rather, how it may start feeling like it’s just WORK and not something I enjoy. The weird thing is that I enjoy it. I like the challenge of starting out and writing all these lines of code, but it not work. You fight and claw and dig through it all, but it seems like it’s fine until that “OH MY GOD!” moment where something just clicks or you thought a different way about it and there it was. Right in front of you the whole time.

I’m very new, like super new to it all, but I feel like it’s starting to make sense at least a little bit. It’ll come.

That’s all for now, I got out the first blog jitters! I’ll add more as I get through these assignments, meet my fellow coders, learn new fancy words and figure out this new life!

Until then.

K bye!

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