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Corporate Identity, Fall 2017

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Project 1: We Stand Together
Project 2: Denver 2030 Olympics Logo
Project 3: Museum of Sex Logo Redesign
Project 4: Restaurant Logo (remember to fix html jump)

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(project 4)


3 positives:

-everything goes together

-nice signage effect

-good collateral choices and approaches to the collateral

3 things that could be improved:

-consistency of the neon sign effect

-body copy consistency

-alignments with body copy

3 suggestions:

-have the body copy text maybe be an outline text on the app

-incorporate brick texture into coasters

-use a chip board for the coasters


-try something other than the brick background for some things? (Colored brick maybe)? Have the chicken bucket with less information just saying like “every day is leg day” all the way around with the logo just on top. Apply the color maybe to the bottle as well? Like the images for the menu because it breaks up the black. Have the app use the type on the images be the outlines like the neon signage. Edit the neon signage a bit more with the shoe being more of a platform pump on the front.



Critique thoughts:

What I heard:

Need the final information present in design not as an after thought. Not enough variation overall because it’s all just neon signage right now. Fix the shoe illustration of the shoe because it’s gotten wonky. The chicken foot part looks to realistic, and the shoe front needs better shaping. Get rid of that behind the word blue circle.

What I think

I think the lighting effect needs more to it. Overall I feel there might be to much going on in some parts of the design… Maybe add more to the identity for the media that’s not really the neon effect (maybe repetition of the typeface but in black and white or have sassy drag queen slang being repeated). I think after taking a step back the element of drag and drag culture isn’t as apparent anymore… also definitely still need to fix the shoe aspect.

What I’m going to do.

-Create a menu, coasters, fried chicken bucket, and a website for ordering, Take out bag if possible OR signature sauce packaging on bottle OR BOTH! Put final information on the letterhead/envelope etc. Begin taking images into Photoshop to make the lighting effect even more apparent. Get most of those done, as well as the style guide that’s due. Also revamp and get the drag culture back into the identity! FINISH the shoe logo in black and white and neon etc.


  • Owners / head chef / manager (just 1)
  • Store hours
  • Address
  • Website
  • Phone number for takeout
  • Maybe even try those punch out redemption things but on the business card


Initial Collateral Concepts

  1. Menu
  2. Fried chicken bucket
  3. Drinks
  4. Napkins
  5. Coupons
  6. Take out box
  7. Coasters
  8. Stickers
  9. Kids menu
  10. Signature sauce bottles
  11. Silverware wrapping
  12. French fry container
  13. Patches
  14. Magnets
  15. Website
  16. Signature beer bottles / cans
  17. Motion graphic of logo
  18. App
  19. Tablets (paper for writing)
  20. Wrapped paper for food



business cards / letter heads / envelopes




3 Digital Rough Variations

From Critique:

  • What I Heard: Type needs more management. Go with a neon sign approach? Logo wise probably go with the shoe and have the chicken foot literally shoved in it unable to fit? Work with it.
  • What I think: I pretty much agree with all the comments made in the critique. I’m just worried with how the neon may look but it’ll just take some experimenting to so see how that works.
  • What I’m going to do: definitely progress with the shoe design. Mainly going to make various versions of the foot in the show and try and focus on the type. Neon signage type, hand painted signage type, and some more experimenting.


Thumbnail Sketches


In Class Sketches

Moving forward with Cluck N’ Tuck. The actual logo rather than just a chicken in drag have a drag queen in a sexy chicken costume? Or work with the anatomy of a chicken and make a human drag queen like that? Tag line is Fried to Fabulous and the other more funny puns would be useful in collateral.


Mexigo, Cluck N’ Tuck, Dis-konichiwa mood boards



1: Delicioso on the go!

2: Quick and Tasty

3: Mexigo Rapido

4: Fresh, Fast, Delicious

5: Burito a-go go

6: Sabroso on the go

7: Fresco, Rapido, Delicioso

8: Well Traveled

9: The Quickest Way To A Tasty Day

10: Mexican Cuisine Brought To You

Cluck N’ Tuck

1: Crazy, Cucu, CLUCK!

2: Fried to Fabulous

3: Shantay you stay!

4: No Tea, No Shade, Just A Fried Chicken Leg

5: Clucking Awesome!

6: N’ Strut Your Stuff!

7: Food Fit For A Queen

8: Served By A Queen For A Queen

9: Fake Hair, Fake Hips, Real Food!

10: Fabulous and Fresh!

11: Fake Hair, Fake Hips, Real Cocks!


1: Groovy

2: We’ve Got The Rolls You Love.

3: Where Funk and Fresh Meet

4: Have you been?

5: Get down with the sushi

6: Boogie. Woogie. Sushiland

7: Stick it

8: O-Fish-ally Groovy

9: Rollin’ To The Beat

10: Soy Awesome!


Possible Ideas:

MexiGo (Mexican delivery)

Game of Bones (GoT themed smokehouse bar and grill)✔️

Dis-Konichiwa (Disco Sushi) — is the name racist?✔️

Video game cafe (no name TeraBite?)

Chicken Strippers (Chicken burlesque/stripper show)

Cluck N’ Tuck ✔️

(Likely moving forward with MexiGo or Dis-Konichiwa)


(project 3)


(Classmates Piper / Madison)

What I heard: Have an area that maps out the “anatomy” of the logo for referencing in the rest of the guide. Show the full alphabet. Show sizes and those ratios. Show the color codes. More photographic examples. Fix the type and add more design elements relating to the branding. Also for the body copy add a new font with larger family. FOR THE IMAGES of the museum edit it to have MY BRANDING on it instead.

What I think: I agree with everything that was said really. The main thing I want to focus on is just getting all the rules down and then using that as a starting point to incorporate more of the brand identity in the guide itself.

What I’m going to do: Fully set up the different rules that still need to be added as stated above from critiques and then from there add more design wise that makes the guide fit the overall branding of the museum. Make sure to edit museum photographs to have my branding in it. Also possiblyedit the images to look like lava lamp style of the identity.


Museum Collateral First Variations


Final Museum Logo Alterations



For revising museum:

-add more curvature to the M & S

-change the tagline

-remove head of penis on the penetration part

-don’t have liquid leave box? OR expand on that and have the lower part break out more and a further top element break out more

-for color maybe make the penetration penis same color as the frame? More work wth that just a bit

-art of pleasure? (Tagline idk)

(4 inches tall / 4 inches vertical including the tagline)


Color variations critique

Great feedback overall and these are some of the changes I’m going to be making:

-make the exacto blade changes that were done for the M&S

-maybe make the penetration part look a bit more like the head of a penis

-experiment with color more

(Example: M&S being white, the square one color, and the white splatter as the compliment color)

-typeface works pretty well (maybe do a square emblem logo as used but on top of the long narrow typeface)

-try a gradient for one BUT make it have volume and look sculptural


Tagline ideas

  1. NSFA (not safe for art)
  2. NSFA (not safe for artwork)
  3. NSFM (not safe for museums)
  4. Artistic pleasure
  5. Provocative Thoughts
  6. Provocative Art
  7. Breed Art
  8. Unprotected Art
  9. STA (Sexually transmitted art)
  10. Reach a climax
  11. You lookin’ for a good time?


24 Variations

  • After really focusing on this logo and creating different variations I think I’ve gone I think the route I’ve gone in with the final 4 variations and the much more abstract approach is my best one. I still believe it needs more work but it’s a good jumping off point. For color I’m still not sure? I think for the main logo I might want to go pretty vibrant however I imagine the logo is intended to be different colors all the time.
  • When it comes to adding a tag line to this logo I believe the more abstracted version being much more image base would work best to add even more text to. Thinking of the tag line though the museum doesn’t really have one. A lot of the times they reference NSFW so that could be interesting and provocative to play with. In regards to the goal of the company it’s a museum that showcases art on the subject matter of sex. With that in mind I want the tag line to be a blend of these seemingly 2 different worlds, sex and museums. It might be interesting to have a subtle nod to another museums tag line, specifically one in New York cause that’s where the museum of sex is located. I’d have to look more into other museum tag lines first though. In regards to the audience it’s an adult audience for sure. Specifically adults who either enjoy art, enjoy sex, or enjoy both. So with that in mind I think I want to go a somewhat humorous route but again also sexual at the same time. This could be a challenge but I won’t really know until I move forward. What this museum offers and what it wants to get across to their audience is that sex and art aren’t exclusive so that’s my main driving factor for this tagline overall.


3 Refined Sketches

  • After creating these refined sketches it was decided to move forward with the 3rd illustration. I’m still unsure of how I plan on moving forward and moving on with this design but I believe there will be significant changes from where it is now and the final design.


Museum of Sex Extra 20

25 Questions Responses of Designs:


Museum of Sex ideas.

  • For the museum of sex I didn’t just want my logo to be an obvious illustration of literal sex. I wanted the viewer to think about what they’re looking at when they see the logo. I want them to make certain connections to sex regardless of gender or sexuality. This is where my original exploration for logos came from and I think it’s led me to a good start on where I intend on going with this design.


Response to the Whitney Articles:

  • At first glance whenever I saw the logo without reading the article I didn’t have such a positive reaction. I thought “oh look, another contemporary design team pushing the edge of design with a very simplistic and in a way humorous design” then when I started to read and understand why it was made the way it was my opinion completely switched from a negative to a positive. It’s genius how Experimental Jetset was able to create such a versatile logo that is visually pleasing, has a deeper meaning to it, and as they said can’t really even be argued with because it’s so open ended, literally. The way the simple “W” standing for the Whitney and how it can be changed on whatever product or piece they need the logo designed with is something I personally haven’t seen before. For me this logo was far from boring despite first impressions. The logo also has a strange opposition to any major corporate aesthetic while also managing to fulfill any benefit that corporate aesthetic logos can get. What I mean by that is it’s so easy to reproduce like corporate logos and so recognizable like corporate logos, however at the same time every time the audience sees it they will see a newer and fresh version of the “W”. This is what I believe to be Responsive design. Design that can adapt and change to fit certain needs. Design that really speaks for what the design is made for


(Project 2)


After the final critique I decided to go back and edit the logo one final time because I just wasn’t happy with the way it turned out.


Finalized versions (POSSIBLY)



-Scaling of emblem and the type

-Just say “Denver” not Denver Colorado

-Have the Denver fit perfectly into the dark blue “C”

-fix the peaks to have a set system of angles

-2030 not 2020

-The 2030 is hard to read in the yellow

-Typeface and color is pretty much good and set

-For the gridlines make them gray (60% black) at .75

-black and white logo stroke on the circle in “C” better heavier


24 digital logos, color variations, and type

Color Variations
Black and White Variations
  • After having a pretty rough week when it came to work I was finally able to catch myself up and get back in the swing of things. Ive put a lot of thought into wear I want this olympic logo to go and I believe combining different elements from a handfull of my variations will give me the solution im looking for in moving forward with this final logo design! When it came to color I really wanted the color to be recognizable to the audience as having some sort of meaning and relation. With this I believe my strongest concept was creating a 5 peaked moubtain on the logo with the peaks each being one of the 5 olympic ring colors. This will create a subtle nod to the actual Olympic Games without being so obvious. When it comes to typefaces I think my best option for now at least is neo sans. The typeface has a rather sleek design while also mainting a playful and kinetic like quality with the rounded curves of the typeface.

10/3 Read/Respond:

  • After reading the articles I think I’ve solidified my design leaning more towards the flat styled logo design. I also haven’t thought

9/19 Revised 3 Logos

25 Questions Responses of Designs:


  • For the Olympic Logo project I drew the city of Denver in Colorado for the 2030 Winter Olympics. When I think of Denver I instantly think of the cold and winter, fitting for the 2030 Winter Olympics. However when it comes to a design I want something less obvious with that. That’s when I began to think more about what symbolizes Colorado. Well for starters the states flag is already a great icon to use as a visual element with it being a circle encapsulated by an implied “C”. I then began to research symbolism of the state. For example the state motto is “Nil Sime Numine” which is Latin for “Nothing without providence” which seems very fitting for the Olympics. I also researched what the states flower is which is the Rocky Mountain Columbine. I thought the use of a flower for the winter games could be interesting because you don’t often associate flowers with winter so I’ll have to look into that more. The state animal is the Rocky Bighorn Sheep, while the amphibian is the Tiger Salamander. If I were to go more into the collateral and overall branding for the games I think those animal elements would be great for mascot ideas and things of that realm. Another bit of research that I was glad to see was that the state gemstone is the aquamarine which is a color I had in mind during initial brainstorming for color palettes. Overall though for the design I didn’t want the Olympics to be the main idea behind the logo. I wanted it to be the actual city of Denver and the state of Colorado, with possible accents of the Olympic Games.

9/13 Olympic Logo Sketches


(Project 1)

  • Process update to be updated as the project is worked on during the semester. ALL OF PROCESS must be documented here.

8/29/17: first day of class…


Theme: Resistance

Antonyms: promotion, conforming, submission, tolerance,

Synonyms: defiance, intransigence, refusal, struggle, support, combat, safeguard, shield, stand, striking back, revoultion

Idioms: resistance is futile, the pièce de résistance, path of least resistance, resistance to change, mount resistance

Quotes: “Protest is when I say I don’t like this. Resistance is when I put an end to what I don’t like. Protest is when I say I refuse to go along with this anymore. Resistance is when I make sure everybody else stops going along too.”
― Ulrike Marie Meinhof

“People get used to anything. The less you think about your oppression, the more your tolerance for it grows. After a while, people just think oppression is the normal state of things. But to become free, you have to be acutely aware of being a slave.”
― Assata Shakur, Assata: An Autobiography

“We must learn that passively to accept an unjust system is to cooperate with that system, and thereby to become a participant in its evil.” 
― Martin Luther King Jr.

“The likelihood that your acts of resistance cannot stop the injustice does not exempt you from acting in what you sincerely and reflectively hold to be the best interests of your community.” 
― Susan Sontag, At the Same Time: Essays and Speeches


  • Conforming: cults (leads to KKK robes in VA)/brainwashing/repetition
  • Submission: weakness/victims/defeated/chains/heavy/scary
  • Defiance: fighting/back/fists/marches/masses/
  • Revolution: french revolution/battles/death/brings change/good feelings/peace & love/


  • What I heard: Support for the idea of “Hate is not cute” juxtaposed with an illustration of a cute animal wearing racist or other villainous garb (nazi sheep, snake nazi, orangutan Trump, etc.). Other designs were also taken well. KKK robe design could be successful if negative space was worked on a bit.
  • What I think: I agree with mostly everything everyone said. I however do believe I need to come up and brainstorm more ideas by completing the total of 18 different designs.
  • What I am going to do: I think after I brainstorm more ideas if I don’t find something I like more i’m going to proceed with the cute animal illustration design. I might have 1 of the logos be 4 animals with no text, have 1 of them be a type based one with the “hate is not cute” each letterform having a cute animal trait added to it, and for the last one ill pick on one animal to put with the quote. ANOTHER option I may go with is just creating 4 different logos of the animal with the text as was suggested in class.






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