BTG Articles of the Week

With a big tip of the “wish I had thought of that and I can’t really take credit for it even though I totally want to” shaped hat to @abesford, I’m trying out something new.

A lot of you tell me that you forward the normal email to your personal accounts, usually because the articles read better on something that isn’t Internet Explorer 9 (because they’re usually from websites created in the last three years). Hopefully this will allow you to read then easily. Let me know what you think!

On to the articles…

1. Starting with a good one on a familiar theme: how to focus your efforts to get the most out of your day. Strike a balance between ideas and closing.

in a world where it sometimes feels productive to be busy, people seldom find extreme focus to get stuff out of the bottom end of the funnel. I’ve met many VCs who take fund raising meetings with lots of LPs but struggle to get traction and I believe often the problem is that first meetings are easy but the 28 steps to get each LP to closure take an insane amount of focus, effort, follow through and discipline. Opening is easier than closing.

2. Second article is an interesting take on development. We often look at it in terms of expanding your (or your team’s) skills, but it’s equally important to seek out ideas.

Yes, your skills are very important. For example: if you have an amazing idea, but cannot communicate it through your sketching abilities, the idea will be lost. Yet, what good are your sketching abilities if you have no ideas to share? For that you need to develop your thinking

3. And lastly, a long read but one I recommend putting time aside for. A history of Google’s journey to a company famed for its design and UX. (Declared interest, I’m in camp Android ☺)

It would have been crazy to say just a few years ago. But today, Google produces better-designed software than any other tech behemoth. If you don’t believe that, then set down your Apple-flavored Kool-Aid. Take a cleansing breath, open your mind, and compare Android and iOS.

Next week I’ll probably share an article balancing the Google vs Apple debate. (If such a thing exists)

Hope you enjoy them. Have a great weekend!

PS: writing this on the phone is quite fun. I’m doing this from the train to Whitstable with a glass of wine in the other hand!

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