BTG Articles of the Week

16 October

End of a good week and it’s time to recap with what’s been going on throughout the transformation / digital communities in Government. Lots of good stuff shared over Twitter and email this week — thanks for the tips. Three good ones again this week; all came in a flurry on Friday and worth reading over the weekend.

The ambition and scale of Civil Service reform

This week John Manzoni (head of the CS) gave a speech to Reform’s annual conference, and it’s a great — and broad — view of what is in front of us over the coming years. Digital skills, young people’s changing expectation of “a career”, leadership, and diversity — it’s all here. Worth a read in full.

Working hard does not mean working well

A favourite theme for Articles of the Week, well told in this piece from “Putting in the hours” is associated really strongly with doing good work, but this often isn’t the case.

Are apps evolving into Notifications?

This is a great article, found through the ever reliable Addictive Mobile (everyone should sign up for their weekly email btw). My title is a wild simplification of this really interesting development; as more mobile apps are getting our attention through notifications, is this the future of software? (Addictive Mobile makes an interesting comparison between apps and CDs, which are now increasingly obsolete…)

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