Global movements

Coming from China myself, I know inequality more than any other of my peers. The gap between the rich and poor in China is very apperant and more obvious than any other countries. I once talked to a fellow Australian and he says he is going to Shanghai China for holiday, and he says that his friend told him in Shanghai you can find an old man riding a rusted bicycle next to someone driving a Ferarri. it is true that inequality exits in many countries, but what caused all this?

Theorists believe it is related to capitalism. The complex relationship between capitalism and inequality is explained by many economists and some even predict that it will only get worse in the future. Being from a middle class family myself, I have both seen the low and higher class of families amongst my friends and classmates. It saddens me that in China money is considered at the ultimate social status of a person and that person can buy anything seems to be the life motto for many Chinese people. Without change, the inequality in China will only get worse and resembele something like modern Brazil. Where the favela surrounds the rich neghborhoods in the city and the inequality leads to crimes and chaos.