Global Surveillance

It is shocking to find out how many security cameras there are in the city we live in, But more shocking is the attitude that people feels towards it. Most people who realize they are being watched by everyday simply does not care or thinks it is okay to be monitored. And they believe it is for greater purposes that these cameras exists. While that is true to an extent, surveillance has been overused by governments and organisations to the extent that cameras are doing more than its job than just security and protecting people. It has become a device to spy on become and invading their privacy.

In James Birdle’s article he aruges that the surveillance drones flying above countries are doing more than just security protection, it si actually a representation of political ideologies and beliefs. I agree with this. Surveillance cameras and drones has become a tool for the authorities to remind them that they are still in power. By monitoring thousands of people each day, the government can spy on people and controll their behaviors. And if they see something that contradicts their ideologies, they would interact right away.

I remember going to school in China, where out classroom was fitted with a camera in the corner of a celling. The camera was said to be installed for security reasons. But it was not long until the camera started to serve its real purpose. One time one of my classmates got into an argument with my teacher over something he though he was doing in class, and my classmate refuse to reveal as she thinks it is a part of her privacy, the teacher simply said that he could just check the camera and find out, so just saves us some time. My classmate had to give in as she did not want more trouble. Examples like this shows that excessive surveillance is doing more harm than good and the oppisite of protecting people.