How To Give A TEDx Talk?

By Bilyana Georgieva, TEDx Coach, Digital Nerd and Multi-Award Winning Professional Speaker, founder of The ‘Soon-To-Be a TEDx Speaker’ Program. You will hear me often saying

What’s the point of doing a TEDx if nobody ever finds it on YouTube?

The ‘Soon-To-Be a TEDx Speaker’ newsletter aims to give you tips so you can have a successful TEDx Journey. Make sure you also join me for my weekly LIVE Podcast every Friday at 12 pm GMT / 8 am EDT / 5 am PT on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It’s your time to Ask Me Anything about TED and TEDx talks.

Do you have an idea you want to share with the world?

You know TEDx is the best stage to be on but you’ve got mismatched information and people telling you

‘You have to be invited’


‘You can apply for TEDx’

I can tell you now that both are truth and work well. If you don’t have certain connections in your network to get you to TEDx stage, you can apply to become a TEDx speaker and that.s exactly what majority of people do.

Here is how to apply to give a TEDx talk:

1️⃣ Go to the official TEDx events list here

2️⃣ Enter city (or country) and year 2022. Ignore the other fields

3️⃣ Scroll down to the list of all events. Choose a date and a TEDx organiser that is at least 3 months from today. Just by doing so you will have bigger chance to find an available Speakers’ slot.

4️⃣ Find the TEDx organiser’s website and contact details either from the TED platform itself or from Google and all social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

5️⃣ Follow the application process on their website or, if you can’t find an application form, message them on social media to ask if they have availability and how to apply.

That’s it! It’s not a difficult action or a rocket science.

Yet, majority of the people do two common mistakes:

  1. They apply to one TEDx organiser and few months later they remember they did the application but didn’t follow up.

I highly recommend you to apply to at least 10 TEDx organisers. It will increase your chances to be approved for at least one stage.

What’s the worse to happen? You will be approved by few events and will have to chose which date and location you want. I’ve got few clients who actually decided to do two TEDx talks in one year ..

2. People apply to TEDx events in their city only instead of thinking where around the country they can go easily.

Yes, I know in some countries’ travelling is restricted and there is a degree of uncertainty on commuting right now. These are things outside your control but when it comes to your own choice don’t limit yourself, thinking it’s not going to work. Know that TEDx teams will not reject you because you don’t live nearby the event location.

For now I want you to remember that it only takes patience to apply and get approved to be a TEDx Speaker.

I’ve been watching two trends throughout 2021:

▶️ some organisers doubled and tripled the amount of TEDx events they organised this year,


▶️ every 5th business professional or business owner decided to use TEDx to gain credibility and worldwide visibility.

The sooner you start the application process the sooner you will fulfil your TEDx dream

If you don’t have time to research TEDx events, dates and locations put a YES in the comment and I will send you links to few online application forms and emails of TEDx organisers nearby you.

Thank you for reading this week’s newsletter. Please APPLAUD 👏 it and SHARE it with the people around you whose dream is to become a TEDx Speaker.

Join me this Friday for my LIVE Podcast on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook, to get more tips for your future TEDx talk.

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Sending you love and energy!






Implementing advanced technology & innovations to improve businesses and inspire employees. Follow Periscope on iConnect21

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Bilyana Georgieva

Bilyana Georgieva

Implementing advanced technology & innovations to improve businesses and inspire employees. Follow Periscope on iConnect21

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