The Top 10 Most Popular TEDx Talks Released In 2021

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Who got on TEDx stage in 2021 and fans around the world watched and shared most?

Only TEDx talks that have been published on YouTube in 2021 got in this World Chart as most popular, based on the amount of views as of today, Jan, 2nd 2022.

Here we go -

the Top 10 Most Popular TEDx Talks Released In 2021:

Nr 1 — Ho-Me-I-Ku People are born to be praised | Kunio Hara | TEDxElMenzahED

Praise in Japanese is Ho-Me-Ru, meaning ‘Wishing prosperity and happiness for others’. We know how companies have mission statements but how we do a mission statement for us, on a personal level when we meet each other?

Kunio Hara created a movement called ‘Ho-Me-I-Ku’ which means ‘To go Home’ or ‘To take good care of your family’ and in his TEDx talk he explains what that means for many around the world.

So how do you praise others every day?

Nr 2 — Challenge yourself to step out of the norm | Khanh Vy Tran | TEDxVinschoolHanoi

If you are listening to other people’s opinion and you don’t feel happy watch this TEDx talk. You will learn from Khanh Vy’s mistakes and learnings. She shared what it took her to be on National TV while studying in Uni and the lesson she learned from her voice when it went on a podcast.

‘The best advice is the advice the people give for you, not the advice what they would do if they were you, because everyone is different. Take a conscious decision that might appear very crazy and not right for others, but don’t just follow the norms blindly.’

Nr 3 — I’ve had COVID-19 for a year. Here’s what I’ve learned | Margot Gage Witvliet | TEDxMileHigh

Health expert Margot Gage Witvliet was described by doctors as ‘medically boring’ yet she was 3 times in ER due to Covid-19 and was getting worse by the day. She had severe shortness of breath and due to wrong treatments she end up with severe neurological problems and chronic fatigue.

‘We all have biases but doctors, same as with teachers, judges, police officers .. they need to train themselves to drop those biases at the door when they enter their work place’. Margot appeals to doctors to not violate the trust of their patients and treat everyone with the same level of compassion regardless their sex and colour.

Nr 4 — How To Earn in your Early 20s? | Aman Dhattarwal | TEDxVIPS

The Indian YouTuber, educator and public speaker Aman Dhattarwal speaks about how you should earn in your early 20s to become financially independent.

Nr 5 — Forest hermit to Professor, it’s never too late to change. | Dr. Gregory P. Smith | TEDxByronBay

‘Trauma is very real.’ At age of 17 Dr Gregory Smith was diagnosed by the state’s psychiatrist as a sociopath, though, as he says in this talk ‘it takes a lot of hard work to live up to the label’.

After going through a lot of trauma in his life and felt kicked out of society Gregory felt safe in a rain forest for a first time in his life. He became a forest hermit, half deaf, alone, angry, paranoid, traumatised, homeless and an alcohol addict, living on the mountain top.

This talk was given with a great sense of humour. He graduated at age of 48 and got his PhD in 2016. Only 1.2% of the population in Australia have PhD and only 0.48% of homeless people got to that level. Dr Gregory Smith is ‘a living proof that there is always a path back and is never, ever too late.

Nr 6 — Befriending Jealousy | Linh Luong Thuy | TEDxYouth@Hanoi

What if jealousy is a good thing?’ Linh Luong Thuy had a dream to be a model for Victoria Secret and changed her life and habits so she can tick all the boxes and apply. Did she get it after all months of putting her soul and heart into losing weight and learning English? Watch the talk to see what she learned on the way and how she became Miss World Vietnam 2019. On her Instagram she asked her followers ‘Is envy a bad or a good thing?’ Linh did a great definition of the difference between jealousy and envy and what is a good and bad envy.

Nr 7 — The Power to Design a Life You Love | Hassan Akmal | TEDxColumbiaUniversity

Success helps only to a certain point. No matter how successful Hassan Akmal was he felt unfulfilled and empty inside. He was a professional tennis player and as such the mindset was the biggest key for success at that time. Hassan escaped from being taken hostage in Afghanistan and shared his learning’s from different stages of his life. He says “We all need a purpose greater than ourselves” and asked a very relevant question “What’s your motivation?”

Nr 8 — Autoestima: o poder de ser você mesmo | Camila Coutinho | TEDxSaoPaulo

‘Self-esteem: the power of being yourself’. Camila Coutinho explains why self-knowledge is important to gain confidence and self-esteem. At age of 0 to 5 we build our values, perception of ourselves and feelings. She never created memory of being sad or disappointed for not wining a contest. Camila is the creator of ‘Stupid girls’ blog, author of the book “Stupid, me?” and one of the first digital influencers in Brazil.

Nr 9 — ¿Cuánto te quieres del 1 al 10? | MARÍA HERREJÓN | TEDxRealejo

‘How much do you love yourself from 1 to 10?’ Do you have a bad relationship with yourself? As a person who will soon turn 30 María shares how social media changed her life and self esteem; how Instagram’s pictures of girls with perfect bodies and couples who looks perfect actually bring constant frustration in the society. In reality majority of those photos have been processed with filters and photo editing software so the end product is far from reality. We should love our bodies for the way they are, love the people around us for who they are. ‘Dont listen to people you dont know in person.’, says María, ‘Nobody is perfect. Even the people you think are perfect have their complex problems which are completely valid.’

Nr 10 — You cannot make everyone happy | Niharicka Singh | TEDxCVS

People pleaser … are you one of them? Being a YouTuber is a creation process. But when Niharicka start creating her comedy videos for her channel she start overthinking the process. Should’ve she created the videos and jokes she wanted or she had to stick to what people expect? She gets all the time super colourful messages from ‘We love you’ to ‘We hate you’, waking up in the middle of the night stressed what people commented on her last video. It took a lot from her mental health before she stopped trying to please everyone. In this TEDx talk Niharicka shares her two cents on pleasing others.

Watch them all and put in the comment below which one is your favourite?

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I’ll issue

The 50 Most Popular TEDx Talks Released In 2021.

Are you one of the TEDx speakers who stepped on stage last year? May be your talk will be one of those Top 40 most watched in 2021.

How this chart was made?

This chart is based on the amount of video views taken from the YouTube TEDx channel. To compile the stats three independent people went through all YouTube TEDx talks, uploaded between 1st Jan 2021 and 31 Dec 2021. On January, 1st 2022, I compared the data between the 3 researches and took screen shot of the top 10 most watched videos.

In simple words this chart is a ‘snap shot’ of the YouTube TEDx video performance on January 1st 2022.

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