Not BJP Bhakt, Not AAPtard, just a shrewd Delhi voter.

A liberal shrewd view on Delhi Election and who I will vote for. Plus 6 reasons on why.

1. BJP has been on a winning spree in State Elections. It has conincided with increasing no. of Hindu fundamentalist voices, “Ramjade not Ha*******, Ghar Vapasi, separate veg canteens in IITs, IIMs etc have been disgusting. It needs a shock to get back to its senses.

2. Modi is a sharp, shrewd politician focused on getting at least a 10 year tenure as PM. He knows development is the direction to take and is willing to let go of saffron on the way. He knows a stable social, political environment is key to development. The rest of BJP and its allies don’t get that. Delhi win of AAP will help Modi get the rest of BJP back to focus on development.

3. Kiran Bedi is the new Rahul Gandhi. BJP Delhi needs to lose simply coz of what a faux pas she is.

4. As people, it is shrewd and smart for us to pit politicians and parties against each other and never let one party get total control of us. If they are all powerful, they will exploit and ignore us. History is witness to this.

5. AAP knows if it does not do good work in Delhi, it has no chance in national politics. That reason is good enough for AAP to work and perform better than BJP in Delhi. This reason is more important than any other reason they offer us.

6. Delhi does not have huge dependencies on central government for development of trade, commerce etc. It requires better governance. Plus it being a capital, even if there is a different party in central govt. it will get/ steal/ extract its pound of flesh. It is Saadi Dilli after all.

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