Buena Experencia

Ahmad Rayhan Yunus Rangkuti (INA AFS to Spain YP 16–17)


I´m Rayhan and this is my second newsletter so here i will talk about my good experience. Good experience comes to me every single day, I got many new things which is fantastic! I didn´t realize it but that’s good for us to get it. It´s really interesting to learn new things in your life, try to learn something as much as you can do and don´t expect too much. I mean it´s good to have dreams but you should control it, you can´t achieve it without doing nothing and I think it´s better to enjoy your experience everytime and I realized our smile is our big supporter, our smile can make our day much better.

Time flies so fast it´s been 5 months since I arrived to Spain and I have 5 month more to make good experience. Let´s talk about Food, in Spain there´s really famous food it´s called ´La Paella´ is the one that I really love and my host dad is the best chef in town hahaha. Food is really important to Spanish people because they have 5 times to eat in one day. We have dinner at 9:30 PM I know it´s so late but I can accept it because everyone here is really busy so on that time is the time we can eat together and talk about our day. On Saturday is the same day as Sunday here. So we always have lunch together and my host dad always cooks la La Paella, it´s typical here in Spain men prepare it.

I went to Barracas 2 weeks ago and there was the first time I touched snow haha I think it goal for people who live in tropical country to touch it. There are many new things I got in Spain i´m so grateful to here and I have the best host family ever, they always be there for me to help me to get my best experience here then I went to Madrid which is really good city I went to many interesting place there and to Santiago Bernabeu the biggest stadium there. At night I watched a theater and it was so fun.

So ´Buena Experencia´ it´s means good experience then I want thank you so much to AFS Bina Antarbudaya to give me chance to live here. I´m so excited to do my best for the rest of my journey and get many new and positive that I can bring when I go back to Indonesia.¡Muchas Gracias!

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