Bye Bye Curiosity , Hello Netflix

Godwin Herianchandra (INA AFS to Belgium Flanders YP 16–17)

So Here i am , drinking a cup of homemade coco from Belgium . Tired , exhausted and in need of mental attention from the locals . Thinking nothing whatsoever for my next activity. I Lost my Curiosity just from 2 weeks ago. Can’t Think , Just ride on and hope for the best in here..

This is just the small things that makes me realized that im already adapted , too adapted infact cause i end up with the locals . That’s why boredom hunts me everytime . School life is great . But one or two things makes me feel empty , like the ones you get on a stupid quotes that we hate so much by knowing the true meaning behind it…

Or Probably Valentines day is near , so yeah….

Truth to be told , all of the things i said above is truly true to my current situation now. Difference is , i just can’t keep my head in the same state as i truly have before i came here. Therefore , not like most of exchange students , i now know what i can’t do and what i can do in this country (In how i accel). Which means , More mind-taking works because im bad at languages grammar and and tasks.

Sit Rep , I’m adapted to the food , the culture , the ways , the people , but not the language . But still tho , there are a lot of things happening before . I’m going ice skating for the first time , have a socialwork with dogs , watch an asian festival , and also jump hard in the new years party…


There’s an Afser who came back , and i was a little sad because that person only got the trimester program . But she made a lot of friends in here and she connects us to them . At that point , im sure i saw one of the #Afseffect that i wish i could be in the future.

My Friends gave me a surprise birthday cake for my birthday , even tho i expected that a little.. (They ask about my favourite cake before the day :D) so big things happened that day , im officially legal in Belgium as an adult also , which means i have to be responsible for myself . Everybody congrats you with a lot of different languages , and i got to make a best day out of it . They’re just like me , most of it to be exact.. like to sleep in class , like to be hyperactive , like to bend the rules that doesnt make sense , and the list goes on. Its not the best class to most of people.. But for me , its the one of the best class i had since i go to school

They also go on a Ice-skating with me , they give me a push even tho i keep falling (Intentionally , they are trying to push me to make me fall — ) but anyways , there would always be a better class , but who cares ? Its a class where you are treated as a family , and thats why i really bond to them.

And of course , right now in the middle of the program , i really feel lonely tho , even being surrounded with a lot of amazing people . Probably its because im sick right now typing this or its because i just want to have some time alone . Watching Netflix and eat chips to chillout for a little. So to sum it all up then, The QUESTION that im thinking right now is :


Which means : “As You Go , Will You Come Back ? “

Check Out my Instagram @gheriachandra , cause i will announced my exchange tips and tricks in youtube in a short while , ask me at anytime and i will try to answer it for those of you who seek adventure being an exchanger

Tot Ziens ! Au Revoir ! Auf Wiedersehen ! Vale !