Can I Stay Longer?

Boby Arianto Saputra (INA YES to USA YP 15–16)

Hi guys. How’s it going there? I hope you guys having a good time there. I’m having such a great time here. But lately I feel not really good, kind of sad and not really happy on facing the reality that I’m going to leave soon. Leaving the exactly stranger who became the one true family. I don’t totally agree on people thinking half happy and half sad. I’m more to totally sad. I’m, Boby Arianto Saputra, about to leave the family that I’ve built for a year then I’m going to leave them which I have maybe 0% to meet them in the rest of my life. No doubt it freaks me every second of the rest of my time here, barely one month left. I wish I could not think about it. But it just stuck in my head.

How about a little-long flashback, the flashback which bring me to best time in my life. Well, let’s start where I exactly start my exchange year. I think it started when God examine my passion. I remember when 75 of my exchange friends went to US earlier than me. They left 10 of us who had not gotten placement yet. During my deferred time, I actually got news that I was supposed to be placed in Oklahoma. But, fate says different. I got news that the family in Oklahoma rejected me. That’s where I felt the lowest point of my life. But, as soon as I assumed God examine me, 2 days later I just got the news that I’ll be placed in Illinois. What a story. I hope it will inspire the upcoming exchange student that passion is the key.

Jump to the next event which is the departure. I cried because of leaving my true family. I hoped I could see them again at that time, because who knows. And I have one month left to see them. But to be honest I’m not really excited for that. Of course I want to see them because they are my family. But it’s just covered by how I’m going to leave my family here (USA). Yup, that was my first time to leave Indonesia, the place where I always used to be about 16 years. I’ll be right back, Indonesia.

I arrived in US. I met my host-single parent- family, Gregory Bradley. I lived with him for about 2 months till he leave US to Mexico which force my local coordinator to find a new host family for me. Greg, he is just one of the nicest guy that I know in my entire life. Seriously, I wouldn’t be here if he didn’t help me, if he didn’t accept me as his foreign exchange student. Living with him probably one of the most valuable moment in my life.

Oh, before I tell the story of me moving to another host family, shout the loudest out to United Township High School. This is where I found another family. This is where I feel I’m American. This is where I got my true best friend. This is where I learn anything, breaking all the stereotypes that I had before. I love UT( my school’s abbreviation), my swimming team, my tennis team, my choir( this is the best), and all those who just made me smile every day that built my exchange year up, become the best one. I have 2 best-best friends, Kinzie and Agustin. I truly share anything I feel with them. We hang out, share food, share story. We walk in the hallway like we do catwalk in runway show. Everybody in UT knows Boby, Kinzie, and Agustin even though our school is pretty big, 1600 students. We are popular.

Now I tell you guys the story of me moving to another family. I couldn’t ask the better family. If KL-YES had the annual award night, I’m so sure that this host family would get the award of best host family. I’m placed in Miller family. They are the role model of every single family that can be inspired in this world. My funny-host dad is Jason Miller, who always tries to teas all his kids including me. There’s my ageless-host mom, Stacey Miller, who always keep herself busy to take care every single thing in the house and her children, including me too. And there is my beautiful and smart host sister who is the winner of homecoming princess in my school. She’s so popular. She is the reminder of me usually when I forget something. A true sister. And there are Rebecca and Kyla Miller, who are my other host sisters. But they are living in another part of USA, seeking a better future. I still love them as sisters.

The thing that I’m grateful is this family made me how to live in family that is full of love and harmony. They are wealthy family. They brought me to thing that I never ever done before, like going to Detroit, Michigan for thanks giving. They also asked me to made Christmas gift, The Easter bunny, and everything. Well, Can I stay longer?

Well, I should include my best local coordinator here, Debbie Bowen. She found me host family. She took care of me so then I can experience this beautiful country. She took care the educational trip which I love so much. I have no idea how I would be without her. Thanks Deb.

Before I close my last paper of my exchange year, I’d like to thank to Bina Antarbudaya who has given me and my fellow 84 exchange student-friends chance to come to this magical country. Also for U.S department of state give us this precious scholarship. My placement organization, PAX, which incredibly coordinate myself in USA. My school, UT who taught me to be American. My Local coordinator, Deb, that save my life a lot. My best friends here, Kinzie and Agustin also Ibeeth (I haven’t mentioned before), who just make me feel so happy to come to school every single day and made my exchange year become the best one. And last but the hardest one to be leaved, my host family, thank you so much. I can’t say anything. I’m speechless. All I can say is thank you. I hope we can meet each other sometimes in the future later.

Finally, it comes to the end. The end of my newsletter, the end of, sadly say, my exchange year, and everything. I’m sad, totally sad. Quote said “You build a life for 16 years and leave it for 10 months. You build a life in 10 months but you will leave it forever” at last, CAN I STAY LONGER???

Dear the dearest Millers,

Can I be honest? I’m not ready to leave. Can I just run away? Or legally extend my time? Or change the date in my visa for another year?

I can’t write it here what I want to say to you guys. It’s just so much thing to be thanked. The words don’t want to come out from my mind.

Hope you guys have a wonderful life. I can’t say anything. Also hoping God gives me a second chance to come back and give another hugs to you guys. Thank you so much.