Intan Qanita (INA YES to USA YP 16–17)

Hi, I want to share to you about my best experience in the winter. Yeah, you should know, the only one, Skiing. Well, I want to say that this is my first time to feel the snow and my first time to feel the cold of the air, and my first time to try everything that I cannot feel in my Tropical country, Indonesia. I have tried to go to Ice skating one time with my friends, and I am so happy of that. I have tried to play the Snowball fight, and also my first time to sliding in the SNOW. It was really fun.

But today, we don’t have any school, so my Hostmom try to teach me how to ski. That’s so fun. Well, in that day I just learned how to stop with the Snowplaws. When you do that, you make like a triangle with your foot so the ski will slow and stopped. The next thing that I did is how to turn right and left. It was so hard to me to turn to the right, whereas is not that hard for the left side.

Our house is like 2 hours away from white pass, and we were using the car to get there. That day was so cold, I have to wear 3 layers of shirt, and then the winter jacket, 2 pairs of pants and snow pants, 2 pairs of gloves, and also sock. When we arrived there, the first thing we did was buying the ticket for the ski. Cause this is my first time went ski, I just bought the ticket for the Bunny hill or plater. I was feeling so excited. With spirit that goes to all of my body, I put my ski on and go to the plater. There are a swing that lift us up to the ski place. I used it. I fell down in my first time because it was so slippery and I just laugh. After that, my host mom help me stand again, so that I could go again. Then, I started to ski. I did the snow plaws so I could stop. I did it several time until I can handle it. I fell down several time and my ski stuff was flown away. Haha. But at the end I could do the snowplaws well. I am so happy. We had lunch in the restaurant. There is a building for cafetaria and place so people can rent the Ski or snowboard stuff. We ate sandwich that we brought from home and some cookies. I like the french fries that the cafetaria serve. The taste is so good. I was praying in clean place in the corner of the cafetaria. After we ate lunch we continue to practice. At 4 pm the weather became colder so we stopped and cameback home

In Monday, we went again there. It was Scout day and there was no school. We went again, and today the weather is really nice. We go to get our ticket and try the other things. I try to do how to turn left and right. We ate lunch and practice again. After that we went home.

All of the way is so nice. We see the Leech lake frost so all of the things is white and I love it. The trees stand berjejeranberjejeranberjejeranberjejeranberjejeranberjejeranparallel beside the road, and the mountain is closed by the snow. With the curve of the road make us being in the nature. We stopped in Elks reservation. Its like a place for the elk to eat food. But we need to be silence so we don’t disturb the elk. I looked at them, they are so big and brown. With a big curve horn hanging on their head makes they strong and though enough. So beautiful.

We continue our way to home. I see a lot of lamps stands in the night so light is everywhere. So colorful. I like it. We arrived at home in 6.25 pm and I get so tired but I really happy of this experience to feel the snow and do skiing for the first time.

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