Indonesia Pride

Muhammad Rohmanur Rizqi (INA YES to USA YP 16–17)

It was a foggy morning and the temperature was still cold. I think it was about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, maybe because it was still early orning. I woke up at 4 AM in the morning and I woke my friend, Sven, up. He was a little bit of sleepy head but I finally made him awake after 10 minutes of trying. We were going to Sacramento to meet one of the assemblyman and watch a session of congressional meet. That’s why we had to woke up that early. Deanna, our local coordinator had already woke up even earlier, I could tell because she was all set to go when I was going tto wash my face. We also had to wait for Niccolo, another exchange student from Italy. We left the house at 5 AM and the 2 and one half hours of trip began. We listened to a lot of musics on the way to Sacramento, what interesting was, Valentine, exchange student from France, played a rap song in French. And none of us understand what it was, and then Sven tried to pull up some German song before Deanna decided to stay with English song.

We arrived at 8 AM and the first thing we did was going to Mr. Jim Patterson’s room. He is the assemblyman for Fresno County Area. The meeting was quite simple, we just introduced ourself and unfortunately, at the time, he was preparing for his speech at congressional session -our main event in this educational trip-. After then, we walked along the capitol building of California State and saw all the historic stuff of California. One view that was quite unique, was the photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger among the photos of California’s governor. He was the former governor of California, and Deanna told us that he was a pretty good governor. After then, we watched the congressional session. They were discussing and debating about who deserves to be the new attorney general since the former Attorney general, Kamala.D. Sanches was elected to be a senate. The most amazing moment was, when Mr. Jim Patterson was delivering his speech, he introduces me in front of all the congress members and he even said to the people about Indonesia.

It gave a me an unexplained feeling. Something insegrivious when I realized that I appeared as the only representative from my beloved country. All the sudden my mind went back to my hometown in Tegal, Indonesia, and I began to ask myself, ‘you are halfway done now, what did you do, what else should you do?”. But whatsoever, I felt very proud of myself and my country that day, I wish someday I can have another chance to be ambassador of Indonesia and promotes the country to other nations. Yes, after being away from Indonesia, my love to the country grows even more. I love United States, but what I always think is, how to make my country be as great as this nation? The city planning, the infrastructures, the facilities, even most of the people have high awareness of law. My love of Indonesia is formed as a willing to make this country developed significantly.

After the emotional moment, we went to a tour around the capitol building. The guide show us almost every single historical corner of the building and explained the meaning of every decoration of the capitol. For sure this is a wonderful building with the touch of greek style art. Also, he told us about few interesting facts of the Capitol, such as the tiles of the second stories aren’t authentic but was made as identical as possible with the authentic one. The wooden stairs was remodeled and that the building was highly remodeled becuase it wasn’t an earthquake-safe building. We can find the statue and painting of greek goddess almost everywhere, symbolizes the California was found as a place of hope, with “Eureka!” spirit symbolizes that californian will always find a new thing .At the end of the day, we went to pieology, a place where you can make your own pizza, and of course, I made a super meaty pizza to end the amazing day. I will remember this wonderful time forever!

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