“It is not too late” to try new things in your life

Hanny Chairunnisa (INA YES to USA YP 16–17)

“Hey Hanny, when you will be flying to Indonesia??”

“Hey Hanny, have you ever joined basket ball in your country?”

“Hey Hanny, have you ever played skiing in Indonesia?”

“Hey Hanny, let’s go somewhere and doing something fun. I will miss you so much because you’re so funny.”

6 months flies and I didn’t realize so many things happened in my journey of exchange year. The questions and statement from my friends that I mentioned reflect me that I will be no longer in my second home, in the land of free, where all my heart belonging to here and also my family, friends, teachers and people who support me so much. In every second of my life, I used to be grateful and also learning something new that I’ve never experienced in my life.

2016 was a blessed year in my life. Why?? Because God gave me His kindness to me to explore anything in my self, also I had chances to represent my country, culture, and heritage to my friends at school, especially at International Education Week, most of exchange students did that. It was my first time to did presentation in front of teachers and students about Indonesia and they were excited about that. 2016 also the first year I joined basketball team in my school. It was the new things in my life and I thought it was too late for me to learn about basket ball, and it wasn’t. My coaches and friends were welcome to me and they are really patient to teach me how to play basketball. On December 13th, it was my first basket ball game and it is really fun. 2016 also my first time to did winter sport, such as skiing. I know I’m really messed up to play ski, but hey, why not?? I am tropical kid and it doesn’t matter for me if I fall down and get used to it. In 2016, most of my dreams and hopes came true. I met snow, make snowman, Christmas, and many more.

It was my first time to celebrated Christmas in USA. Even though I’m not “technically” celebrate it, but I respect it and now, Christmas is a part of the culture so I just want to learn new cultures and bonding with it. In Christmas, I decorated my own tree, make Christmas cookies, and give it to my teachers as a Christmas gifts. Me, personally felt that like celebrate birthday because I got so many presents from my family and my friends. Unexpected, my family gave me ski stuffs and NBA tickets! I was so happy about that.

2016 passed, and I have another 4 months left to enjoy as an exchange student in USA. On January 14th, 2017 ; I had a mid term orientation from World Link and we discuss about “culture immersion”. So we told about discrimination in our countries and as an exchange students, what should we do to help our countries based on our experience as exchange students in USA. That was really cool discussion for me, and I never thinking about that. During the discussion, we talked about “never too late” session. It is kind of reflection of our selves what we did in the last 6 months. Did we try new things? Did we help others? Did we join the community service? Did we work hard for the school? And so many more. My local coordinator said “it is never too late to try something new in your life, learn from that, give impact from your self and make your exchange year have a wonderful memories”. Since then, it is never too late for me to try new things and fix it.

So many happened during 6 months. I was so grateful being part of the world, of the YES program, of the World Link and many more. I wish I could turning back time and did it again. It just really painful at the beginning because you have to settle down, try to understand everything and learning new language. But, believe me you got so many advantages ahead for your future and it’s really worth it and priceless to be part of the world.

“It is okay if you have to falling down in the first lesson, but remembered you should back up, face forward and see the world from your eyes.”

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