It’s Good, It’s Enough

Talitha Messakh (INA YES to USA YP 15–16)

When I typed it I was just get home from a re-entry meeting in Chicago. Re-entry meeting is an orientation beheld to prepare exchange students to going back home. Yes, I’ll going back home in roughly a month. I’ve been missing home forever and here I got no mom or dad, no best friends and brother that I can really relay on. I learned how to solve my own problem all by myself but guess what, not dying yet! LOL. Well actually I was just dramatizing all that –whoops! Living in America is not that horrible in fact, it’s been one of the big fun chapter in the book of Talitha’s life. Are you ready? Because I am.

I remembered the day when I did tons of required forms, traveled back and forward to the capital city, went through bunch of selection, fight thousands of kids throughout the country and all those tiring stuff that thank goodness I passed. Those days I was really hoping but also surrendered that whoever in charge of it knows how much I wanted it. Travelling abroad has been my childhood dream and seeing snow is one of the reason why abroad although abroad is not always snowing but hey c’mon what did you expect from a five years young girl? Now I’m here in Colorado, United States of America. Rocky Mountains is now my everyday view and snow is no longer my favorite –we have six inches of snow in spring like WHAT?!

Every day of my life in America has been me myself and I adventure. Ever since I woke up in the morning then either went to school or do something else I know for sure that I would get a new thing that might made my day or turn it down. My American family and friends are the one who help me paint my days and for that I thank them so much. I cannot even imagine how my exchange year would be without those who made me a home to live and keeping me from depression for the fact that I was completely alone in strange place with strange people. I just think it’s amazing how they are able to do all this things to me though I’m a really strange girl they haven’t met before I mean, I could be a spy or a terrorist or a psycho but those long tiring selection has proven I’m not dangerous.

My American friends are really cool kids. They taught me how to whippin’ nae nae hit the quan or dabbing hashtag JK. I mean it’s been a year and I even got a close friend here that people always said we look like sisters. Her name is Samantha a half African American and half Japanese girl that ended up look like me –people said. She is the one taught me to not be weak and be sassy instead. Even in Valentine’s Day she bought me a pink heart-shaped cookie with card saying “You Loser! Enjoy the cookie. Love ya!” what a friend. She and I already talked about what we going to do and she said she wants to do audition for the next High School Musical and promise me will tell me anything will happen with her plan. I just feel like I’m going to miss my mama loser so much when I left. Of course a highlight with all my friends is Prom 2k16. Again Samantha and I went shopping together interesting thing happen when we picked our shoes because without any plan and in different section we picked an exact same shoes just different color also in Victoria Secret same thing happen –ehm no need to be mention actually. Our prom was April 9th and that we went all the way from 4 pm till 5 am. Never have I ever be as wild before but know what YOLO. This also why I love my host family especially my mom.

My host mom is such a cool mother even go to after prom and went home until 5 am was her idea. She said I need to have fun and live for today, do whatever I want as long as I being responsible for it. Although that, I couple times make her mad because I can’t use my phone to communicate with her properly. She was once really mad when I didn’t answer her call or text her back because my phone was dead, make her thought that I was lost since that was very first day when I came here. Same case but different reason happen after that but her still love me and treat me like one of her kid. Every time I said something about going home and how I’m going to miss this country she will always said “You know that you can always come back. All that matters is just your plane ticket but other than that, you have a home here”. What a blessing I got this family. I’m not saying how many thing they’ve bought me or how many places they’ve taken me to but how many love they have shown to me.

I clearly not ready to leave although this place is good for me but I know this is not where I belong. I have one home and will always be one and that is Indonesia. No matter how America is more developed or modern, people think more openly but home is home and it won’t change no matter what. I know I got families and friends waited for me with all my stories though I don’t know whether everything will be the same or not might either better or worse but I’m all prepared for that. My time in America has come to the end. All has been good and it’s enough. I’m ready to go home but as mentioned, everything won’t be as good without these people that I would like to thank.

To my dearest Americans,

Only some people from the entire world will be gifted a big heart that can fit as many people and I know for sure some of that selected people are you, my dearest Americans. People that I haven’t met before but then claimed me as family member. Those who wasn’t only give me house to live but also home to feel loved. Who said I can always come back and the one that only matters is my travelling ticket without hotel expenses because who needs hotel when they got home?

Many of my friends need to change their family but lucky, I got the right one at the first try and when I said family it wasn’t just mean mom, dad and siblings but also cool people at school who keep asking me about my country since their geography teacher wasn’t taught them enough. Friends that keep saying Indonesian word because they think “sama-sama” and “geleng-geleng” is cool and funny word. I just simply love you my dearest Americans! I will surely come back but now I need to find a good job and buried some good amount money.

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