Jeder tag ist ferien! (Everyday is holiday)

Khalifah Fathonia Gumay (INA AFS to Switzerland YP 16–17)

It is been almost 6 months i stayed in Switzerland, times flies so fast. I’m so afraid if there is time that i just wasted and did something useless but i didn’t realized it. So as times goes by everything gets better and makes me won’t leave this country. School, friend from another side of the world, family, neighborhood, foods, and everything. Like literally. I get used to with everything started from i woke up until i fell asleep at night. I felt my life is almost perfect.

So, that was an intermezo! Sollte ich mich wieder vorstellen? Ich denke ja! Mein Name ist Khaifah fathonia gumay jetz bin ich in der wunderschön landt names Schweiz. Ich bin schon gebliben fast 6 monaten, ich finde es mega traurig nur noch 5 monaten ich bleiben hier. Aber ich will nicht darüber nachdenken. Ich möchte nur den Rest meines Aufenthaltes genießen

Should i introduce myself again? I think yes! My name is Khalifah fathonia gumay now i am in wonderful country called Switzerland. I already stayed for almost 6 months. I think it is so sad only 5 months more i will staying here. But, i don’t want to think about it. I want to enjoy the rest of my stay.

As exchange student my school gave a wisdom for exchange student such as we had free time if the class has literature like French, Russian and other language we only need to focus to learn German. Because my class always has literature at least one hour in a day so i have at least one hour free everyday! and my school is close to the city i frequently explore the city eventhough most of the time i explored alone. But i was really fun to saw new things. But this was not a point that i am going to tell you about. So, last december it was my first had chrismast celebration since i always wondered how it feels. I had a lot of new things i learned back then. I also went to the curch so i knew how chirstians did. I ate a lot of big fat food and also i was really happy cause i got a lot of presents from my family. The next day after chrismast we only stayed home cause we were so tired yet sleepless. But my family already planned that we will gone to the mountain after chrismast. So the day was came, my sisters and i went with train the cause there wasn’t enough space in the car, we brought skii stuffs and another stuffs for staying one week there. It took 4 hours and half to got there by train, the place was in Switzerland french speaking part. FYI Switzerland is well known with its skii a lot of people from forigner country come to Switzerland just fo skiing, so how can i missed this one? My mom already organized something for me to skiing, i had private lesson with one skii resort at in the beginning it was really hard to do, everytime i started my lesson i had no motivation but it got easier in the second day i was really enjoyed it. The last day i had my lesson my teacher let me went to the real lops i was so proud to myself. And then when the school starts i got involved on school project it was a musical. I spent most of the time in school for a week but i felt no burden at all i learned a lot of new things and i was so enjoyed it. After 5 weeks school there was sportferien where all student have days of to gone to the mountain for skiing since i have already been skiing this holiday i use for explore the country cause there are several city that i haven’t visit yet. So for me being a student in Switzerland i felt no burden i really enjoy everything so that’s why everyday is holiday for me.