Journey To The Way

Arifi Jauhary Su’dan (INA AFS to Italy Yp 16–17)

It have been 114 days for me to walk on this path, a country with a thousand of pasta and magnificient history. Dive into each corner of the city, eventhough our billfold bawl for himself, feel adore in every single step that I have taken while the crossroads, the buildings, the smell become specially things in this voyage.

there are a lot of concern said that, ‘how can you live in outlandish place without nothing ?’ well, I will tell something as the most particular things in exchange year, we called ‘Host-family’. Not long ago, I moved into another family, it means I have to start from the bottom to adapted in family, but it didn’t mean I had a problem, but instead of that, I have new home, experience and most important thing, Family. With hostfamily , 1 hostbrother, 1 hostsisters and little family, exactly 3 dogs and 3 cats. Again, I live not far from the old family, it called ‘Montebelluna Citta’, about 35.000 population, its even less than a quarter of the population of my town in Indonesia. However, this place remaind me about beatifull words,‘God might be smiling when he created Bandung (on of Indonesia City), but he was in Love when he created italy’(Aloysius Efraim AFS 15–16 Italy),I can’t refuse that statement, this little city evince everything, but wait, it just a little piece of splendour that Italy have.

Therefore, I live just with my parents in the house, in the weekend sometimes I bring my 3 dogs for walk around or visit shelter for homeless dog, because my mother work there, or just visit my grandmother. And one of my favorite things in Italy is their habit, every part of their habit it’s really respect human and the environment. Such as they put their trash on different section, even in the school, house and public space, There is great shame although not written.

Christmass, that’s the first moment in my live to celebrate it, gathered with whole family, eat special dishes of christmass, open the christmass gift and many more, it concuss myself, I never imagine I will celebrate something that even I never carefull about it, with my family, that literally different everything, background, and even our religion. Above of all, we do tolerance among fellow as purpose of this program. But different things that we did, we did the christmash after one week of 22 december, because whole the family were sicks, so we were little bit late to celebrate it.

Well, lets leave about family which so marvelous, I will tell you a little piece of heaven. Italy is the country which have a prodogius in their historical story, one of the city makes me fall in love its’Verona’. So, in the middle of January, we are plan our trip northern Italy, with another exchange students from Belgium, Australia, Findlandia, Turkey, and Japanese. Still region of Veneto, the city that famous with ‘Balcone Rome and Juliet’, eventhough there are a plenty of magnificience, such as ‘Le Scale’, we can see whole the Verona city, the bridge, the river which surround the castle, sunset view and I Torri ( Towers ). Every detailed of Verona be gathered in on frame. But we have to defeat a thousand of stairs, that’s way to the palce called ‘Le Scale’ in English ‘Stairs’. Then we went to the most famous place that’s The Balcone. It’s a such us wonderfull place even just a balcone and Juliet statue, but the important things is the historical behind it. Before we found the statue, we had to passed an aisle with a thousands message from the visitor about their love story. Then we will arrive at an open hall which the place for the balcone and the Juliette statue. There are some tale told that if we touch her chest it will bring some Fortuna (Fortune), so, there a long queue to touch her chest… Afterwards, We walked around the city, that really particulary with europian building, the Church, Store, some road music, even circus in the middle of rush. one of famous theatre place, from outside its looks like Colloseum in Rome, but its like miniature style, they called it ‘Arena di Verona’.

Further more, one of unforgettable moment, when the first time felt snow from 3127 M, eventhough it’s not really snow but a liitle bit freezing snow. We walked on top of bla bla bla mountain, and everythings white, the one that I cant imagine there were a Bar on top freezing mountain, but it was so cool. We use a kind of gondola to reached top of the mountain, it about 20 minutes, but some people prefer to walked in the frosty day. All of the mountain are called with ‘Dolomiti’ one of world heritage by UNESCO, with amazing landscape and typical mountains house.

That’s,some of the most memorable place, then not long ago, about last week, theres new student come from Malaysia he is Liung Jung, so all the exchange students from my chapter and some volunteer gathered and make one of typical Snack of Italy, nope, actually typical of this region (Veneto) it is ‘Crostolino’. It’s a simple dishes, with a common dough such as flour an eggs. But we should make the dough as thin as we can, but actually not too much, then we make it like a rectangular shape, then we fried it for 1 minute, till little brownish. With the Malaysian guy, we talked too much, and sometimes by our language, And also we talked some basic Italian each other. Then, we went to a pizzeria, which not really far. And met with Liung’s Host Family. With his little hostsister, we talked about what his think about Italian, eventhough he still didn’t really understand Italian language.

Tutte le cose che ho fatto, con le mie famiglie,i miei Amici, con la natura, una storia che diventare Meraviglioso nella mia esperianza. Spero, I giorni che resto 5 mesi, posso approfittare con tutte le gente , specialmente le mie famiglie, anche con questa l’ultima Newsletter, voglio dire Grazie Mille.

Sono Arifi Jauhary vengo dall’Indonesia, Arrivederci e Ci Vediamo ad Altra volta.