Last But Not Least

Mira Aprilia Nur Fadilah (INA YES to USA YP 15–16)

We all know that we can’t bring the past back into our life. All that we can do is trying to make every single time in our life becomes as memorable as possible and never be forgotten. Distance might be a problem for somebody who live far away, but it is not a disaster. Indonesia and the U.S.A. are two different places in the opposite side of the world. I have been here for approximately eight months and it seems not a long time, but along my journey as a stranger in here, I found a family, I found a new life I’ve never had.

It is sad to realize the clock is still moving from one number to the other and it goes again and again whenever I still want to stay. I learned one thing, every start has an end, but there is no goodbye without a story. In the last three months, I’ve had my wonderful stories that fulfilled my life. Uncle Sam brought me to his most amazing place, Washington D.C. He showed me his whole histories and I was amazed by the U.S. Capital. I went there with the other Civic Education Workshop Finalists, I had so much fun, I met new people from all over the world. I am sure everybody loves this place.

After my D.C. trip until now, I am not going to waste my time with the U.S. (read: United States or Uncle Sam). Spring break was coming up, I had a fun time in my host parents birth place Iowa, the U.S. state right above Missouri. It was cool to see lots of stuffs there. Science Center of Iowa probably was my favorite place.

Spring sport would be very interesting to do after spending the holiday. I chose soccer and I am enjoying it so far. Play as a midfielder is a tiring job, I have to run back and forth. I am the shortest player in the team and probably I am the only one who play with my hijab on my head. Once, a ball hit my face, oh man it hurt so bad! My eyes were watering and it’s all blurry, but it’s okay it’s gonna be one of the story that I can tell to everybody back home.

Closer to the end of the school year, prom was a new thing in my life. Going with my double placement sister, I got a quality time that day. Basically prom is identic with dance and I do dance but not really in front of people. I like after prom better. Movie night, bowling, laser tag and some other fun stuff were neat to do. I was sleepy really bad in the beginning of the after prom until I fell asleep in the middle of The Jungle Book movie and after heading to the game place I was literally awake all the night.

After all, now time is moving so fast. Final exam is getting closer, one by one exchange students in my squad are going to be back start from this May into their own home country. Either they are excited or sad, I don’t know, but me myself I feel both of them. I am excited to go home to meet my family, relatives and friends, in the other hand I feel like I just got here yesterday, being a new member of American family, finding new friends and experience. I remember the first time my host mother brought me to the Logan-Rogersville High School, took a picture of me in front of the building, the day when I was walking around the school with Taylor Ellison (now she is my bestie), doing a scholar bowl, practicing soccer, hang out with the high school friends, and the other memorable stories, they are stuck in my head.

I just adore my placement so much. Even though the place where I live isn’t in a huge city, I am not even bored with it. The weird weather in here at least introduced me with the four season. Summer is always hot as it is in Indonesia. Yellow and orange leaves in the fall make me fell in love with fall. Snow, I don’t think I was being Elsa that time, I was able to survive in this weather. Spring flowers with its breeze are gorgeous. I always look for the time when the sun comes. Countryside is beautiful under the shine.. Horses and cows grow well, wild deers and turkeys always entertain me in the bank of the road whenever sun rises up and sets down. For the next one and a half months, you will hear me say “See you, when I see you!” It is probably the last time I am here as an exchange student. Last but not least. I am always looking forward to see you again in the future!!!

NB :

Thank you DeWitt family for having me as a new family, giving me opportunity to have a smart double placement sister, Aruzhan Koshkarova from Kazakhtan, and other siblings here in the U.S. I love each one of you. I am sure I’ve been having and I am going to have wonderful time in here. My journey wouldn’t be complete without you. I enjoyed every places that I’ve gone to. I remember the first month I was in here I couldn’t eat every single plate of my food, I just ate half portion of it and now when I am able to eat it all I just realized how silly I was at that time. Don’t forget ketchup! I can’t live without it, LOL. I can’t tell every detail about how grateful I am to be here with you but I always know DeWitt family is awesome and your grandchildren are so cute! Once again MO (read Missouri) will become NO if you weren’t in here. I love you!!! (Mira ❤)

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