Le Temps pour Réfléchir (The Time to Reflect)

Nabila Annisa Harum (INA AFS to France YP 16–17)

Bonjour, C’est moi Ila qui ai écrit cela. Il y a 5 mois depuis mon arrivée en France, cela signifie que j’ai déjà passée une moitié de mon année d’échange. Maintenant, Il est temps de réfléchir à ce que j’ai fait et surtout à ce que je voudrais faire ensuite.

Hello, It is me Ila who had wrote this. It has been 5 months since I arrived in France that means that I have passed half of my exchange year. Now is the time to think more thoroughly of what I have done and most importantly what should I do next.

I’ve been writing a journal since the day I arrived, filling it with pictures, post cards, flowers and most importantly memories. I can see how much I’ve changed and definitely how much I’ve become. At the beginning I didn’t appreciate things as much as I should, but I know now that even the little things are important.

I feel as time passes more quickly each day, the eager to spend it more wisely fills a big space in my head. The main purpose of an exchange year is not for traveling, but it is to leave a footprint of yourself in another part of the world. The big obstacle that comes with that is how to maintain your identity and principles within a surrounding that is different and sometimes challenges you to be someone else. As of now I am considered not as an exchange student but a member of the society.

Living in France is like living a dream. Luckily, I live in a town called Bourg en Bresse which is located 1 hour from Lyon (the 3rd biggest city in France). Although it is small but it has all from a cinema, a theatre, a bowling alley, a mall etc. My host family here is play a big role in my AFS chapter. My host mom is the president, my host dad is the secretary and my host sister is an active volunteer. I’m overwhelmed by how much sincerity and heart they put in to running the chapter. But for me personally I consider them more as my family. Inspiring is the word to describe them because of what they have done and how much hope they have for exchange students.

Not much has changed since the last time I wrote the first newsletter. School is getting more hectic these days especially because I’m in Terminal (last year of high school) there are a lot of exams and I can even also feel the pressure of my classmates. Education here is taken very seriously, a lot of my class consist of experimental work and analyzing using computers. Sometimes it is a bit hard to keep up because the things I learn here is very different from the Indonesian curriculum.

I surely feel more comfortable than before, there are times I even forget that there was a before. It feels like I have been here all my life but the reality tells otherwise. To tell you the truth, it is not easy being an exchange student. Determination is the key word to survive. The most frequent sentence I get here is “Salut! Ça va ?’’ which means Hi! How are you?” I normally get that more than 10 times a day.

I feel the most proud when I hear something about Indonesia here in France. It is true the saying The more far you are from home the more you realize how much important it is’’. I feel prouder and prouder as an Indonesian each day. That is the reason why as soon as I comeback I would like to implement the things that I have learned here and make Indonesia a better country. Me souhaite bonne chance pour les 5 prochains mois ! Wish me luck for the next 5 months !

à la prochaine